GJS GEIO gaming robot review

GJS Robots 8
REVIEW – I have never really been into gaming gadgets and quite frankly, the only games I play are usually card type games on my smartphone while I pass the time traveling on the railroad back and forth to work. When I got the opportunity to review a pair of the GJS GEIO gaming robots, I readily accepted because they look like nothing I have seen before and I was intrigued by them. I wonder if they will get me hyped or just bored? Let’s see!!

What is it?

GEIO is an innovative gaming robot equipped with an intelligent visual recognition system. It is capable of high-speed mobility and includes a flexible biaxial battery which allows for more game modes. “It adds a powerful long-range unit to the [mechanized battlefield]. Its small size does, however, not impact its power.”

What’s in the box

GJS Robots 3
1 x GJS Battle Robot (2 were provided by the manufacturer for this review)
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Rechargeable Battery
1 x Instruction card
4 x Totem Game Cards

Design and features


GJS Robots 17

Size: 170mm x 170mm x 160mm
Weight: 730g
Turret Angle – Horizontal: 0-160°
Turret Pitch: 0-90°
Material: Aluminum Alloy, ABS
Battery: 7.4V 2000mAh
Supported Mobile Phone System: iOS / Android
Camera Resolution: 300,000 pixels
Visual Identity Range: 50cm-2m
Internal Sensor Infrared Sensors: Magnetic Sensor
Connectivity: WIFI
Operating Frequency: 5GHz
Maximum Transmission Distance: 70 m

The GJS Robots are well designed and very attractive. They have built-in LED lighting all around their frame and they are well built. They utilize Totem cards as a part of some of the games to give gain weapons and health, etc and they actually have the ability to read the cards. The various pictures below highlight some of the design features.

GJS Robots 2
GJS Robots 15
The picture below provides a clear view of the camera that is mounted on the turret and the guns that have built-in LEDs in each barrel. The LEDs in the gun barrel flash like strobes when they are shooting.

GJS Robots 9
The picture below is just another angle showcasing the design and the LEDs that are all over the robot.

GJS Robots 10
Underneath the robot, there are 4 sets of double wheels that allow for great versatility in movement including sideways. In the center, there is a connection for the rechargeable battery.

GJS Robots 14
GJS Robots 13
On one side of the rechargeable battery, there is a micro USB port for recharging. The battery can be charged separately, or while connected to the robot. The micro USB charging port is still accessible when the battery is connected. This is shown in the third picture below.

GJS Robots 12
GJS Robots 11
GJS Robots 7


Once the batteries are charged and installed, the robot is ready to go. On the back of the robot there is a power button, and once pressed, the robot turns on, makes robot-like sounds, the turret moves around and the “eye” seems to be searching. Once you download and install the GJS GEIO app, and the robot is turned on, it shows up in the WIFI list on your mobile device. You can select a single robot mode or multi-player mode. Controlling the robot is easy but you have to get used to the on-screen controls because they are quite sensitive. The robot can move very quickly, is very responsive to the controls, and can move in just about any direction and orientation you choose. You can also turn the direction of your phone and the robot will respond to your movement. This is especially helpful in the AR mode when fighting virtual robots. When you place the Totem cards within the battlefield, you can focus in on the pictures on the cards for various gains. There are lots of capabilities but they not that easy to describe unless you actually use the robot. The instruction card that is included is not that helpful and since it is also not that detailed, you have to figure out some things on your own. The print on the card is also quite small. The following pictures are of the two sides of the instruction card:
GJS Robots 32
GJS Robots 33
The following is one of several short videos on the GJS website that show the robot in operation:

You can view additional videos here.


The screenshots from the app below show some of the choices of operation modes that are available via the app.

The next app screenshot below shows the start screen. You touch red or blue depending on which robot you want to control.

GJS Robots 28
The following app screenshots are of various POV views from within the app.

GJS Robots 31
The video below shows the POV from within the app. It is a bit grainy but the point is to show how it looks with the movement from the screen while controlling it. (It would be clearer with better lighting)

What I like

  • The overall design
  • The attractive LED lighting
  • The versatility to be able to move in just about every direction
  • The speed of movement
  • The interactive capabilities
  • The first-person POV view
  • The realistic and visible weapons lighting
  • The game options
  • The build quality

What can be improved

  • Better instructions for directions and visibility
  • Better battery life

Final thoughts

I am not a gamer, but when I first saw these robots, I was intrigued. I was worried if they could keep my attention long enough and whether they would be more like a toy for my 4-year-old. Well, I was so wrong. This robot is great, designed for older kids and adults, and even better if you have 2 so that someone can play against you. Maybe I am not as advanced as some in regards to Artificial Intelligence, but I find them to be amazing at how they operate and interact, and I can spend lots of time playing around with them until the battery dies. In my “What can be Improved” comments, I mentioned the battery life because, for this type of gadget, I want the battery to give me a few of hours of playing time like a video game. It gets more than an hour depending on use, but I want more time between charges. Maybe the solution is to purchase additional batteries. I will have to see if that is possible. This robot is well built, well designed, loads of fun and just great. Two thumbs up!!

Price: $199.99 each
Where to buy: Amazon
Sample: The sample for this review was provided by GEIO

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  2. I got 2 off the original Kickstarter campaign because they said they were likely to release an SDK, alas they lied. Without the SDK they are glorified remote control toys, kept me interested for about 10 minutes. Sat in their boxes since then.

    They do have an app that you can control them via a Blocky interface. But it is currently very limited.

  3. Must rectract my comment about their programming app. It was originally useless but they have improved it a lot I just hadn’t opened it for a long time. All those updates hav3 been worth2hile.

    Might be worth playing with now.

    Still prefer an SDK I could use in a real language.

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