It’s a dessert topping! It’s a floor wax! Gourmia introduces air fryer toaster ovens

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NEWS – Unlike the old comedy sales pitch on Saturday Night Live, Gourmia’s combinations make sense.  Fresh off their announcement of new CoolCookers that combine refrigeration with slow or pressure cooking, Gourmia has announced a complete line of combination air fryer toaster ovens.

Catering to the ever-growing market of those of us with limited counter and cabinet space, Gourmia is creatively combining appliances so one item does the job of two or more.  In this case, you get a full-featured toaster oven, technically, already a combo, combined with a capable air fryer.

The air fryer function leverages Gourmia’s AeroCrisp technology for up to 80% less fat in your meals.  The toaster oven can cook with temps up to 400 or 450 degrees, depending on the model. It has multiple rack positions and can toast up to six slices of bread at a time.

The eight new models units are sized from an 18 to 27 quart capacity, 1500 to 1800 watts of cooking power and between 6 and 22 different cooking modes.

Gourmia is ETL certified, meaning that their products have all undergone rigorous safety testing and meet Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards for safety.

All eight new models will be available later in 2019 at major retailers. Pricing varies between $49 and $199. For more information go to

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