Keyport Anywhere Tools modular EDC system review

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REVIEW – I love seeing how my favorite companies evolve over time. For example, Keyport started out making unique key organizers but now their product line has turned modular to include a system of EDC pocket tools. Let’s take a closer look at Keyport’s Anywhere Tools.

What is it?

Keyport Anywhere Tools is an EDC (every day carry) modular stacking EDC system that can fit in your pocket. Some of the tools include a pocket knife with interchangeable scales, a rechargeable flashlight, USB cable, and more. The Anywhere Tools are designed so that they can snap together so that you can you can bundle them.

Design and features

Anywhere Pocket Clip

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I’m going to start out with the Anywhere Pocket Clip. The Pocket Clip is a one piece hardened spring steel clip that is available in 3 colors: black, grey, and spectrum.

keyport anywhere tools 11

The clip is designed to work with the other Anywhere Tools and just snaps on them without needing screws or any other type of fastener. Optional ParaPull lanyards ($1.49 each) round out the look and add a bit more functionality.

The clip itself is about 2 inches long so it’s long enough to clip to a belt, pocket, etc. Then if you need to remove the clip from the tool, you just press the release “button” and slide it. You can see the “button” in the image above. It’s in the last hole of the clip.

Price: $5.99

RuSH Multi-Purpose Tool

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You can use any pointy object to remove the Anywhere Tools, Pocket Clip, etc, but the RuSH Multi-Purpose Tool is specially designed for the job and features a few extras like a bottle opener, suspension hook, and ruler.

keyport anywhere tools 13

Here you can see the RuSH tool in action removing a Pocket Clip from an Anywhere Tool.

Too bad that it’s just slightly too wide to be used as a SIM removal tool.

Price: $4.99

NEBA Knife Module

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It goes without saying that you have to have a pocket knife as part of your EDC. The NEBA has a 2″ slip joint clip point blade.

keyport anywhere tools 4

The blade does not lock, but it does open and close with a satisfying click and it feels like a quality blade. There’s even jimping on the blade so your thumb won’t slip.

keyport anywhere tools 3

The NEBA is designed as a mid-module which means that you can stack other Anywhere Tools or a side plate on one side and a pocket clip on the other.

keyport anywhere tools 201

For scales, Keyport sent me their carbon fiber side plate/scale and they offer several other styles including camo, wood, and more.

I like the NEBA knife a lot. It has a nice feel to it and the fact that it’s not a locking blade doesn’t bother me.

Price: NEBA $15.99, side plates $5.99

Pocket Flare Module

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Along with a knife, you have to have a flashlight as part of your EDC. The Pocket Flare Module is a very minimalist flashlight and is designed to be an outer-module which means that you can only attach other tools to one side.

keyport anywhere tools 7

When you press the button on the side, the LED blub sends out 27 lumens. Yes, I know that 27 lumens is pretty dim when it comes to flashlights, but it can help in a pinch and it will definitely help with close up work.

keyport anywhere tools 8

The cool thing about the Pocket Flare is that when you press the button again, it switches to lamp mode which lights up the handle to create a tiny lantern.

keyport anywhere tools 14

How’s this flashlight powered? With a rechargeable (via micro USB) battery that can provide up to 40 minutes in flashlight mode and up to 45 minutes in lamp mode.

Price: $14.99

WeeLINK Charger Cable Module

You might be wondering how to carry a charging cable for the Pocket Flare Module. It comes with a cable, which you might lose, or you can use the Keyport WeeLINK Charger Cable Module that is available in USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning cable versions.

keyport anywhere tools 9

This module is basically a magnetic holder for a 2.5 inch long charger cable. In other words, it’s a wee charger cable…WeeLINK… get it? 😉

keyport anywhere tools 10

The cable is held in place very securely with magnets and the holder is designed so that you can attach a Pocket Clip or another Anywhere Tool to the other side.

Price: $16.99 – $18.99

MOCA II Module

keyport anywhere tools 205

The MOCA II Module (in the foreground) is designed like the NEBA knife to be a mid-module. That means you can attach other tools or a pocket clip to the sides.

It’s an 11-in-1 TSA friendly multi-tool that features a bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, cord cutter, box opener, rulers, and wrenches.

Price: $14.99

keyport anywhere tools 200

The best thing about Keyport’s Anywhere Tool system is the variety that they offer so that you can create a multi-tool that works for you and if it doesn’t, you can reconfigure it.

keyport anywhere tools 6

Put a flashlight with a multi-tool and a pocket clip. No problem.

keyport anywhere tools 204

Create a multi-tool with a pocket knife and a pocket clip, easy peasy!

keyport anywhere tools 12

What I like

  • Modular
  • Variety of tools
  • Easy to customize

What needs to be improved

  • More tools please! I’d like to see a pair of mini-scissors, pliers, a flash drive, higher powered flashlight, and SIM removal tool

Final thoughts

I’ve been a fan of Keyport since I reviewed their Slide key organizer and I continue to be a fan as they develop new tools and EDC gear. Their products are well made and fun to use. All I can say is I want more of them!

Price: See above for each tool/accessory pricing
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Keyport.

10 thoughts on “Keyport Anywhere Tools modular EDC system review”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
      1. My complaint is I wish that they made a pocket clip you could put on the pivot. That is the one thing I think Keybar has over Keyport. I was an indiegogo supporter of the anywhere tools and I didn’t realize the pocket clip wasn’t compatible with the pivot. I was really disappointed.

  2. I have the original MOCA tool, and indeed, it is TSA-friendly. No trouble getting through major US airports so far.

  3. Won most of these through you Julie, and absolutely love them so far. They combine well, are useful in a variety of contexts, and appear so far to be very well built. Great value! Thanks.

  4. You can streamline your kit all you want, but you’d be hard pressed to find an easier way to carry an EDC’s worth of functions than Keyport’s system of Anywhere Tools.

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