I’ve reviewed and used two Pocket Hoses in the past few years and have liked how they are lightweight, don’t take up that much space, and are so much easier to move from place to place compared to traditional rubber garden hoses. The only problem with the Pocket Hoses that I’ve used in the past… Read More

How many times have you refilled the gas tank on your lawn mower, weed eater, blower, chainsaw, etc. only to have it overflow and make a mess? I can’t count the number of times that I’ve done that and ended up with gas on my shoes, hands, and the ground. The problem is that traditional… Read More

Live out your wildest Wolverine fantasies – in the garden – with Garden Genie gloves. These latex and nylon gloves are waterproof, puncture resistant, and feature ABS plastic claws which make them perfect for dangerous outdoor projects like planting flowers. The gloves are one size fits most, but only the right-hand glove has the built-in… Read More

Growing your own food is awesome because you know where it came from and how it was grown (with or without pesticides). But gardening itself takes some effort if you want the plants to actually live long enough to produce fruits and vegetables. The folks at Click & Grow are no strangers to making gardening… Read More

If you have a yard, then you also have weeds in that yard. I think my yard has more weeds than grass. I live in the woods, so it’s inevitable because I don’t want to treat my lawn with weed killing chemicals because I have an indoor/outdoor cat and I feel like the less toxic… Read More

It’s always interesting when a new brand of lawn equipment comes out of nowhere and captures the imagination—and wallets—of consumers. Introduced in 2014, EGO has spent the last ten years researching and developing the Power+ platform, resulting in a line of cordless outdoor yard equipment with the power and performance of gas without the noise… Read More

About two years ago, I reviewed the PlantLink on the Gadgeteer. The PlantLink is a device that monitors the amount of moisture in the soil surrounding your plant(s). Based on this information, the PlantLink sends out a notification (push, email, or text) to advise you that it is time to water. The PlantLink consists of… Read More

My family and I live on 10 acres in Washington State and while we live about 20 miles of downtown Seattle, our place is pretty rural. Many critters and creatures live on and transit through our trees and fields all year long. This is especially true during the spring, when some years the deer are like… Read More

Do you need to buy a new spray nozzle for your garden hose every summer because they are cheaply made and fall apart before the end of the season? The folks at TeleBrands sent me the Mighty Blaster fireman’s nozzle and a Pocket Hose to try for a few weeks and so far it’s a… Read More

Growing veggies on your counter is neat.  I love the idea and will probably try it very soon, but growing full-sized plants indoors, hydroponically, organically, and controlled by your smartphone?  I’m in! Niwa has pioneered the first interactive system that controls the growing conditions 24/7 and lets you interact via a smartphone app to grow whatever you… Read More

You can combine Dad’s love of Star Trek with his pride in his lawn with these garden ornaments.  The Star Trek Garden Gnomes are made of durable cast polyresin, so they’ll stand up to the weather for years.  There are four designs to choose from (with the phrase shown on the bottom of the statue)… Read More

I wish I would have known about the Havahart Spray Away Elite II before we ended up erecting an 8 foot tall fence around a 50 x 50 foot garden plot two years ago. Jeanne had tried several times to have a garden only to have it turn into a free salad bar for the… Read More

I have never liked to eat avocados by themselves or prepared in guacamole. But I recently found a recipe that uses an avocado to make healthy chocolate pudding. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it I was surprised at how good it is! Every time I make the pudding, Jeanne asks me to save… Read More

I take good care of most of my tools and equipment, but my garden hose is an exception. I think it’s because we share a mutual dislike. The hose kinks when I uncoil it, then tangles and resists when I try to put it back neatly. And the connections between hoses and nozzles always manage… Read More

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Skydrop sprinkler system which uses your soil conditions and local weather to better schedule when it waters your lawn. That system was priced at $299. If you want a slightly less expensive solution, consider the Rachio Iro smart sprinkler system. Priced at $249, this system also mounts on… Read More