LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System review

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REVIEW – A couple of years ago, I purchased a small Hydroponic system for my wife to support her passion for gardening and growing food. Little did I know that her passion was so driven that she would end up creating a garden that has supplied all of the greens used in our household for the past 2 years. Several months ago, I got the opportunity to review the LetPot LPH-SE Hydroponics Growing System, and that fueled her efforts even more to be able to grow food even during the winter months. She is now fully invested in the plan to create a winter season Hydroponic garden indoors and was beyond ecstatic when I got the opportunity to review this LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System.

What is it?

The LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System is a Smart Hydroponics indoor garden growing system that features automatic irrigation, self-managed nurturing and watering, and a 3X-faster grow light. It is APP & WiFi controlled.

What’s in the box?

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LetPot 21 5
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  • 1 x LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System
  • 1 x 21 Pods Growing Tray
  • 21 x Sponges
  • 21 x Basket Kit
  • 21 x Germination Cover
  • 1 x Transparent Pipe
  • 1 x AC Plug Adapter
  • 1 x A Solid Nutrient
  • 1 x B Solid Nutrient
  • 20 x Sticker
  • 1 x 2 Pods Growing Tray
  • 10 x Shade Cover
  • 10 x Tag
  • 20 x Support Rod
  • 2 x Big Sponge
  • 2 x Big Basket
  • 1 x User Manual

Design and features

LetPot 21 1
LetPot 21 2

  • New Upgrade: The new version upgrade includes TWO EXCLUSIVE LARGE-HOLE planting trays, suitable for larger fruits and flowering plants! Water level monitoring becomes more precise with the second-generation control chip and added sponge protection. The APP control page now features an option to adjust nutrient solution concentration, catering to the needs of professional users!
  • Superior Performance & Patented: LetPot MAX hydroponic systems is the world’s first system to offer automatic watering and nutrient supply. With a water level sensor, the machine can detect when the water reservoir is low and automatically draw water from an external source while providing the perfect amount of nutrients. This ensures that your plants always have the right amount of water and nutrients they need to thrive. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual watering and nutrient supply.
  • Smart & Automatic features: It is equipped with an eight-level adjustable plant light system that allows you to customize the light brightness according to the needs of different plants. First, this is beneficial for professional enthusiasts to adjust the light intensity for different plants. It also features water and nutrient deficiency reminders to ensure optimal plant growth and comes with a LetPot app that offers remote OTA updates, a plant encyclopedia, and a plant diary.
  • Dual planting modes: Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or want a low-maintenance gardening experience, this smart indoor garden system has got you covered. Enjoy the flexibility of two different LED lighting modes with our hydroponic growing system. Whether your plants require more blue light for vegetative growth or red light for blooming. With full control over your indoor garden, you can customize your growing experience to meet the unique needs of your plants and ensure they thrive.
  • Sturdy and stylish design: With its sturdy stainless steel construction and sleek, modern design, the LetPot Max is not only built to last but also a perfect fit for any home or office decor. With the ability to control the machine through either a smartphone app or a 4.8-inch dynamic LCD screen, you can monitor the status of your indoor garden system, adjust light intensity and growing times, and switch between different light modes with ease.
  • Unmatched User Experience: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual watering and nutrient supply, LetPot Max Hydroponic indoor gardening system will transform the way you grow plants at home! With 21 planting cups, including sponges, baskets, covers, and A&B nutrients, you have everything you need to get started. Plus, all LetPot products come with a lifetime of service and continuous remote hardware and app upgrades via WIFI, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and support.

The LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System is made of plastic and metal and provides a complete environment for Hydroponic plant growth. It comes with all of the necessary supplies to get started. It also features an informative LED control pad on the front.

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LetPot 21 22

Here are some additional features:

  • Self-managed nurturing control
  • 4.6 inches monitor touchpad with dynamic display
  • App monitor to know water level, nutrient status, lighting, temperature, etc on your phone
  • Water & nutrient shortage alarm on the app and touchpad
  • Provide 21 pots to plant more
  • 8-level adjustable LED lighting system for different plant need
  • Waterproof Nano Coating on the light to extend its lifespan
  • The biggest 7.5L water tank reduces re-filling frequency
  • The watering pump, Nurturing pump, and recycling pump maintain efficiency

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Setting up the LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System is very easy. it simply involves adding water, pods, seeds, nutrients, etc. You can also choose to use the enclosed hose to add a water reservoir. The following are some photos from the process:

LetPot 21 8
LetPot 21 9
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LetPot 21 15
LetPot 21 16
LetPot 21 17
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LetPot 21 21


Once you assemble the LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System, the next step is to download the app that allows you to control the device and monitor it.

LetPot 21 24
Here are some actual screenshots from the app:

LetPot 21 26
LetPot 21 25
LetPot 21 27

This LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System is a nice system that holds a nice amount of plants and makes indoor gardening a breeze. It is just about self-maintaining and it is very easy to use. The following video shows the entire process and plant progress after 45 days:

What I like

  • The long light pole (21 inches). This accounts for larger and taller plants.
  • The larger, sleek design that accommodates many more vegetables/herbs
  • The very functional display panel
  • The adaptability. You can remove the 21-pod cover and replace it with the 2-pod cover and grow two large plants such as tomatoes, eggs plants, cucumbers, and peppers (all dwarf varieties)
  • The automatic nutrient dispenser. Unlike the previous model, you don’t have to manually put in nutrients. This one automatically releases what needs to be released
  • The kit comes with everything you need to start growing immediately

What I’d change

  • So far there is nothing to dislike

Final thoughts

The LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponics Growing System is a great upgrade from the LetPot LPH-SE Hydroponics Growing System. It is easy to set up and get going and hold a nice amount of plants. The auto irrigation and watering is fantastic and using the water reservoir option, you can set it and forget it. This is another Hydroponic system from LetPot is very well done!!

Price: $279.98 – Amazon; 289.99 – LetPot
Where to buy: Amazon, LetPot
Source: The sample of this product was provided by LetPot.

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