Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose review

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REVIEW – My wife is a huge fan of gardening, so much so that she has her own YouTube channel. Over the past few years, she has turned our backyard into a beautiful space providing our greens for the entire year.  A big part of a successful crop is adequate watering, which has meant that we have had to buy several hoses, either because they develop leaks quickly or some prove to be too heavy and stiff for her to maneuver around the garden. Enter the Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose.

What is it?

The Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose is a durable and retractable space-saving hose that provides good water pressure and only requires DIY skills for repairs.

What’s in the box?

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  • 1 x Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose
  • 1 x User Manual

Design and features

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  • Retractable and Space-saving: The Airthereal Expandable Garden Hose extends up to 100 ft when water is running and conveniently shrinks to 50 ft when the water flow stops, allowing for easy storage and minimizing clutter in your yard.
  • Durable Tetoron Material: Crafted with high-strength Tetoron, a robust polyester fiber weave, this hose ensures long-lasting performance and excellent resistance to damage for longer service life.
  • Optimal Water Pressure and Size: The hose has a 5/8″ nozzle diameter, capable of withstanding water pressures ranging from 45-100 PSI (3.1-6.9 bar). The hose is suitable for standard 3/4″ faucets for a reliable, leak-free connection.
  • Compatibility: Combine with the Airthereal Oscillating Sprinkler and Water Hose Nozzle to take full advantage of the quick-connect adapters which allow YouTube effortless swap out tools without having to walk back to the main water tap to shut off the water flow.

The Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose is lightweight and well made. It rolls up easily. There are connections on both ends, one for the faucet and one that can take a nozzle.

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The Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose is a nice color of blue and is lightweight and easy to roll up and carry around. It feels like it will not tear or leak easily, and if it develops any tear near the faucet connection which is usually what happens to hoses, there is a simple DIY fix. It was immediately evident that the water pressure was great, and the hose expanded quickly. Once I turned off the water, I was expecting it to retract to less than half of its full length like the other retractable hoses that I have tested, but it did not. It barely retracted. Regardless, rolling it up is so easy that I can live with that. overall, I like this hose and it will likely be frequently used during the upcoming summer and planting season.

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Here is a video from some of the field testing of the hose:

What I like

  • It is lightweight
  • It looks nice
  • It expands completely to its full-length
  • It does not leak
  • It provides good water pressure
  • The ends can easily be cut and repaired if a leak in the hose occurs

What I’d change

  • When the water is turned off, this hose does not retract as other expandable hoses I have used

Final thoughts

The Airthereal HE100 100ft Water Expandable Hose is a strong, lightweight expandable hose that I think will be useful for years. The advantage of being able to maneuver it easily is important to my wife who waters her garden daily.

Price: $39.99
Where to buy: Airthereal and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Airthereal.

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  2. Seems like they only sell the 100 foot hose. I would buy it if they had a 50 foot size. My yard doesn’t need a 100 foot hose.

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