The Rotrics robotic arm extends the reach of your creative mind

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – In my household, robots and robotic gadgets seem to be all the craze for my son and recently for me too. I have both purchased and reviewed several types of robotic gadgets that were designed mostly for young kids or teenagers. However, since I have a great interest in robotic gadgets too, it would be nice for daddy to have a new toy that has nothing to do with the kids.

Guess what? I think I found one! According to the designers, Rotrics is “The first versatile desktop robotic arm with extreme 0.05mm high repeatability that turns your desktop into a workshop.” They designed the arm with creativity and tasks in mind, and I think it will be versatile enough for many enthusiasts to make great use of it.

This is for the basic kit that includes:

• The Rotrics robot arm,
• The Pen holding module,
• The Power supply,
• The high-speed USB-C cable.

The following addons can also be purchased:
+$80 for laser engraving module with a protecting shield.
+$79 for 3D printing module.
+$50 for 3.5-inch touchscreen.
+$109 for the pneumatic kit.
+$439 for conveyor belt.
+$869 for sliding rail.

The Rotrics can be preordered via their Indiegogo Indemand page right now, with shipments scheduled to begin in October 2019. The preorder price is $299 which they state is $360 off the planned retail price. Visit for more info.

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