Tote no more with the Gita hand-free carrier

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NEWS – Since we are still in control of our eventual robot overlords, it’s time to stop carrying your crap and have a robot schlep your crap for you! Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), Piaggio Group’s division responsible for researching the future of mobility has introduced Gita, a personal transport robot for carrying small loads. Gita is Italian for “short trip” and is pronounced “jee-ta”.

Sized to carry your everyday stuff, like a briefcase, lunch sack, groceries, or other small loads, Gita uses various cameras and sensors to uniquely identify you and follow you around for up to four hours.

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It is designed for hard surface travel and on grades up to 16%.  Its batteries recharge in about two hours and can power the Gita for up to four continuous hours of transport fun. The storage bin also includes a charging port so you can recharge your phone as you tote it around.

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Here is a short video of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos playing with Gita.

Gita is available in red, gray, or blue directly from PFF on their store site for the low, low price of only $3,250!

If you really hate carrying your stuff, really want to make a robot do your bidding while you still can, and have stacks of unused Benjamins you want to burn through, it’s time to get a Gita!

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