Give kids a jump start on coding skills with the iRobot Root

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NEWS – Getting kids into creative pursuits is always a good thing.  If your kids have any interest in learning to code, iRobot has a new product, Root, to get them into coding, starting at age four or five.

Root offers three programming modes:

  • Level 1: Graphical Coding.
    Graphical blocks teach essential logic skills of coding. Kids problem solve with Root with real code by drawing, playing music, and making games.Ideal for Ages 4+
  • Level 2: Block Coding.
    Level 2 gives kids more control of the code with a more detailed interface. The hybrid drag and drop language builds computational fluency.Ideal for Ages 7+
  • Level 3: Full text Coding.
    Advancing to Level 3 allows you to solve problems and learn the syntax and structure of professional coding languages in Swift.Ideal for Ages 12+
  • iRobot offers additional advanced content for a fee for more technical and advanced users.

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Root can hold a pen or marker so the user can program designs.  It will lift or drop the pen based on the program, allowing the programmer to create simple to complex drawings. Children can code Root to draw artwork, scan colors, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, and climb whiteboard walls, all while exploring the fundamentals of robotics.

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The Root coding app, currently only available for IOS devices, offers a variety of coding projects and seamlessly moves the user from graphical programming to text programming as their skill improves (and they learn to read).

Help the next generation develop our eventual robot overlords by starting them early with Root by iRobot.

Root is available for $199.99 directly from iRobot or $189.99 from Amazon.

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