The MiniMeis G4 shoulder carrier keeps your youngster safe while giving them the thrill of seeing the world up high

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minimeis g4 shoulder carrier 01

NEWS – The MiniMeis G4 shoulder carrier was developed by Scandinavian dads to make carrying your kids on your shoulders easier and safer. It is used to carry around kids ages 6 months to 4 years old (maximum weight: 40 lbs/18 kg). This carrier gives kids a great view of the world around them.

The carrier looks like it has a foldable lightweight metal frame for the seat. It also has shoulder straps for your shoulders. Attached to the shoulder straps are additional straps and plastic buckles to fasten the carrier around the chest and sides of your body to hold it securely in place. The child seat also has straps and buckles to keep your little one fastened in. When folded up, it looks like it is the size of a small backpack.

Because the developers believe that safety is paramount, they worked closely with SGS which is the world’s leading testing and certification company. The MiniMeis is certified according to European standard EN-13209-1:2044 and US standard ASTM F 2549 14a.

You can purchase the MiniMeis G4 shoulder carrier from Amazon for $189.00. It comes in Black/Navy, Grey/Orange, Black/Grey, and Burgandy colors.

You might want to note that some Amazon reviewers state that the carrier is not very comfortable, while others and their children seem to like it.

The following video demonstrates how to use the MiniMeis G4:

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