The Droyd Romper = Big Wheel 2.0

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NEWS – While perusing interesting tech news, I came upon the Droyd Romper on This “tricycle” (it feels so wrong to call it that because it’s way cooler than that) is a 24v lithium-ion battery-powered version of the classic Big Wheel. It’s targeted for toddlers ages 3 and up and will hold up to a 66 lb rider. It’s made of plastic like the Big Wheel, has an adjustable seat, no pedals, and weighs 20 lbs. It has two speed settings: 3 mph and 6 mph (4.8 kph and 9.6 kph). You’ll get a maximum of 45 minutes of ride time (low-speed setting) before you have to charge the battery which takes about 5 hours.

It features a slow-start acceleration button so that your kids don’t suffer “whiplash” when starting out. It even comes with a parent speed control key for your peace of mind, a cool adjustable-height safety flag, electro-mechanical brakes, and automatic multicolored LED taillights and motion-activated front wheel lights for when your tyke heads out on his adventure (cue “Born to Be Wild” music). Want one? You can get the Droyd Romper from Amazon for $139.99.

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3 thoughts on “The Droyd Romper = Big Wheel 2.0”

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  2. Why??? The best thing about the Big Wheel is that you will get exercise and having a lot of fun while doing it. This is just sad. How can you build a kid’s muscle when they don’t even use them???

    1. Agreed! That was part of the fun! Pedal fast,pull the brake and crank the yoke to spin out! Life was great!

      1. Rhasson and B. King – I loved my Big Wheel growing up so much that I got my kids each their own. But they also really enjoyed the battery powered car I got them too. I would have loved having a battery powered anything and would have enjoyed both just like my kids. I don’t think having the battery operated style would eliminate the use and fun of the original.

        Like you, Rhasson, I remember getting up speed on my big wheel, pulling up on the brake, and spinning out!! What a blast!!😁

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