The secret to a comfy travel pillow lies with a turtle

NEWS – Do you ever wake up with a stiff, sore neck if you doze off while commuting by planes, trains, or automobiles?  The Trtl Support Travel Pillow is designed to appear you have a soft, hypoallergenic polyester fleece scarf wrapped around your neck, but a “neck brace effect is created by the internal support system, designed to fit snugly between your face and shoulder, with strengthening ribs and a foam pad providing cushioned support in a neutral position.”

The Trtl pillow will keep your head and neck in a comfortable, supported position whenever you have to sleep upright.  It’s designed to fit in your travel bag, so you will have it whenever you need it.  The Trtl Support Travel Pillow is available in red, coral, black, or gray for $30.00 at Amazon.

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