Save space on your desk with this vertical MacBook stand

If you use your MacBook with a monitor, a separate keyboard, and a mouse, you know that having it lying flat on your desk just takes up valuable room. The High-End Vertical Aluminum MacBook Holder IPS-Z28 from Seenda can solve this problem by positioning the MacBook vertically and out of the way. 

This space saving stand is made of sandblasted anodized aluminum and features a U-shaped channel that holds a silicone grip that securely holds the laptop and also functions as a heatsink.

The stand has been designed for MacBooks, but it can work with any laptop that has a thickness of 0.55 inch to 0.74 inches like the Dell XPS series, HP ENVY Series, Samsung Notebook 9 Series, Lenovo YOGA 4 Pro Series, and others. It comes with two silicone inserts to adjust the fit.

Seenda sent me the info on this stand but didn’t respond to back to me when I asked them where it can be purchased. With a little digging, I found an identical stand on Amazon called the Ucradle Desktop Space-saving Stand from Vogek priced at $29.99. Head over to Amazon for more info and to buy one.

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  2. The design makes me worry about airflow – most laptops (including the MacBooks) have air vents back there to help cool the interiors. Being a heat sink will help – but the silicone will insulate and the parts that need cooling aren’t directly connected to the exterior.

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