My USB cable can beat up your USB cable

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When Syncwire calls their cables UNBREAKcable, they aren’t just fooling around with wordplay. Thier USB Type-C, Lightning, and micro USB cables are designed to withstand at least 30,000 90-degree bends and up to 275 lbs of force. If you don’t think that’s a lot, then try it with your current USB cable. Go on, I’ll wait…

Made of a proprietary hybrid of ultra-molecular weight polyethylene, which is geek speak for dang that’s strong plastic, the plastic used for these cables is 40% stronger than Kevlar.

The cables are 40-inches long and are priced at $11.99 for micro USB, $14.99 for USB Type-C, and $16.99 for Lightning. Pricey? Yes, but according to Syncwire, you’ll never need to buy another cable because they will replace the cable if it fails for any reason.

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4 thoughts on “My USB cable can beat up your USB cable”

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  2. Probably a good cable if the performance matches the description. The challenge they have is with 2 day shipping it works out to $22 per lightning cable (that’s 1 cable).

    Cables are a commodity item (even if they don’t last a year). For $16 I can buy a 10-pack from Amazon (and have 2-3 spares in every location I need them). I was at a hotel recently and needed a cable and the hotel manager had a box with 20-30 of them they had collected from folks that left them behind… He was happy to give it to me for FREE!

  3. I’m sure I’ll upgrade a phone or kindle and will discover the new hardware needs a new type of cable before the current cables are all dead. But I do think I have an old cable with the 30-pin end that I could hitch up to something to try for 275 pounds of force — but don’t wait up!

  4. That super plastic won’t help if the wires inside break before the sheath does. Unless they’re equally reinforced, I’ll take my chances with regular woven covered cables.

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