Missing the MagSafe on your USB-C MacBook Pro?

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If you used a MacBook in the last 10 years, it likely had a MagSafe power adapter which magnetically connected to the laptop. Apple has since updated its MacBook line to use USB-C ports for both power and data/accessory connections. While great for standardization, it almost feels like something is missing.

Power Trend has created a solution that returns a little bit of magic to powering your MacBook. It’s a 6.6ft USB-C cable with a braided nylon jacket for durability. The magic resides on the end with the 90º connector with the magnetic breakaway USB-C adapter. Pop that adapter in your laptop, use this cable with the USB-C wall adapter that came with your machine and it’s like MagSafe never left.

Power Trend inexplicably has not updated their site with this product, but it can be yours for $24.99 on Amazon.com.

7 thoughts on “Missing the MagSafe on your USB-C MacBook Pro?”

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  2. There a number of similar products on Amazon. They all look like cheap Chinese crap and their Amazon products pages reflect this.

    Anyone (like me) that went through the fraudulent Kickstarter projects for magnetic Lightning attachments would naturally be highly wary of purchasing any product like.

    In any event if you’re talking about USB C power connections to MacBook Pro devices their USB C ports are designed to be loose and to pull out with any sharp tug on the cable.

    1. Hi Alan – I’ve found that the USB C ports on my MacBook Pro are really snug. A sharp, straight tug will remove a cable easily. If the cable’s pulled from an angle, I’m not so sure. Anyway, I actually ended up purchasing this item as I really liked the 90º connector on the more recent apple power supplies. The cable has been working great. The magnetic strength isn’t quite as strong as I’d hoped, but it also hasn’t caused any problems. Hope this info is useful.

      1. I’m curious why you didn’t say that you actually owned this product in your review. Seems to me the performance of it is a very important bit of knowledge to relay to the readers.

        I do agree that the mag arrangement is much better for those 90 degree pulls that can happen.

        Do you leave the magnetic adapter plugged into the USB C port all the time? Would this not be a concern leaving the contacts exposed all the time (although I can’t tell from the picture if they’re inside the black connector or on the outside).

        1. This article was a news post. Reviews are more in depth as I’m sure you’re aware as a reader of the site.

          Regarding your question, I do leave the adapter in my computer. The four contacts are slightly sub-flush in the black protrusion. The 90º connector houses the four corresponding pogo pins and they are recessed inside the magnet perimeter.

  3. USB-C PD is a comparatively new and complex standard and many manufacturers get it wrong, sometimes dangerously so. Even Apple had to do three attempts before they got their 2m charge-only cable right. I would be very wary of any such cable until it has been tested by Benson Leung of Google or one of his merry band.

  4. I know someone fried his whole motherboard, cable, and USB ports because of this kind of thing.. Those devices need to handle the high current and may face all kind of potential issues. The MagSafe was designed to handle different environment and situation and apple had done a lot of testing to ensure its quality…

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