Rooting the HTC EVO 4G

Smart phones are just small computers, and one thing that almost defines a computer is the fact that you can find some way to rip out its operational guts and replace them with something you like better. Some of us think this is not only beneficial, but that it can be fun! There is a… Read More

Carbonfiberskin.tk offers a pre-cut, sharp-looking carbon fiber skin for the HTC EVO 4G’s back cover for $25. Not a bad deal, but they also offer a ‘DIY’ option for a mere $5- that looks like it would fit a lot of things nicely! The question is “How easy is it to install and customize?” I… Read More

You’ve probably seen the mobile camera apps that make your digital images look like old polaroid shots? Infectious is selling the Photoroid skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC EVO, Blackberry and iPad that will make your favorite device look like a Polaroid camera. I’m not sure why you’d want this skin for your iPad… Read More

One of the things I love about certain gadgets is how they invigorate the maker community to come up with cool replacement parts and such. Joe at IcyCell CustomEVOs is one such person who has come up with a cool crystal clear back cover for the HTC EVO. The back cover is not just the original… Read More

On Monday, June 28th, an over-the-air system update has caused problems for many users, from turning the EVO into a brick to messing with settings. Goodandevo reports an even dozen major concerns, ranging from the big (turning it onto a brick),  to poorer 4G response, to just nuisance issues. Some apps, specifically ‘ShootMe’, a screen… Read More

This is an amazing phone to hold and use. I haven’t been this enchanted by an electronic gadget in quite some time. It seems like it can do everything- sometimes almost reading my mind. Of course, there is the occasional ‘huh’ moment trying to figure something out that should be a piece of cake, but… Read More