This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you ever lost, misplaced or had your mobile phone stolen? How long did it take for panic to set in? I know I’d be unnerved if it happened to me. The new Sprint Total Equipment Protection App allows… Read More

Before the specs of the iPad had been announced in January of this year, Dave Rees and I posted a wish list for the features we wanted the ‘iTablet’ to possess. Both of us hoped for an 8 x 4″ sized device. When I learned that the iPad would be closer to 8 x 10″, I… Read More

This is an amazing phone to hold and use. I haven’t been this enchanted by an electronic gadget in quite some time. It seems like it can do everything- sometimes almost reading my mind. Of course, there is the occasional ‘huh’ moment trying to figure something out that should be a piece of cake, but… Read More

Sprint just announced the HTC EVO phone as an exclusive Sprint phone, scheduled to land this summer. In the press release they call it a “device beyond compare” and its specs are pretty impressive. The phone will have: 8 MP camera that can record HD-Capable video 1.3 MP forward-facing camera Android 2.1 with Sense UI… Read More

My time with the Palm Pre has come to an end. As each day has passed, I’ve grown more fond of this phone, but I still do not see myself switching carriers from AT&T to Sprint for it. It’s a nice first generation webOS device from Palm, but it’s not quite what I had dreamed… Read More

Sprint is giving 2 lucky winners a FREE Palm Pre with 1 year of Simply Everything service and a Palm Touchstone. This is your chance to talk, text, surf, email, map and plan in real time.  Enter to win and Sprint will notify you when this fully live phone hits the streets. The sweepstakes is… Read More

Palm’s press conference at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas just ended a few minutes ago. Since they originally announced this “New-ness” event, quite a few people have been speculating that their announcement would be underwhelming at best. We’ve been hearing that Palm has been down for the count for months now. As a… Read More