Home Automation

There are many ways to control your Hue WiFi-connected lighting system – smart Hue Switches, apps for mobile devices or computers, Alexa voice commands, IFTTT – but those are limited in various ways.  Perhaps there are some areas, like a dark hallway or stairs, where you would like a hands-free way of turning on the… Read More

If your home is anything like mine, we don’t use our front door much. More times than not, we come and go through the garage door, even when not using a vehicle. Inevitably, the door gets left open, creating an ideal habitat for many friendly (and not so friendly) woodland creatures. This doesn’t happen much… Read More

Automating a home is fun – opening an app and adjusting the temperature in your house or turning on a light when you’re not at home is so useful and gives you such a sense of power. These are especially fun when you’ve left people at home – you know, just a little flicker of… Read More

Last year I reviewed the original Switchmate Smart Light and now they have recently come out with version two which they’ve named the Switchmate Bright. Let’s give this smart light switch controller a try. What is it? The Switchmate Bright is a wireless controller for your existing light switch (toggle or rocker style) that physically… Read More

As I slowly add parts to automate my home, I’m always interested in the gadgets that are being released to make life easier or just cooler. The Wemo Dimmer is one of those devices that just makes sense. The dimmer arrived in, okay, I’m man enough to admit, sexy packaging. Outside, the box is your… Read More

I’m in the process of slowly automating my home, so when the opportunity to review the Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket, I jumped at the opportunity. I anticipated turning light on and off from afar, and dimming them to suit a particular mood… I get ahead of myself.  The Koogeek socket arrived in a sturdy box… Read More

The LEDVANCE Gateway is a smart hub that interprets commands from a Wi-Fi network and transmits them to devices on its ZigBee network, and also monitors the status of those devices and reports it to authorized users. It is metaphorically the jam that holds all of the intelligent LEDVANCE products together. But, like the jam that holds your sandwich together, there are… Read More

If you’re a seeker of new and innovative accessories to control your smart home, read on fellow venturer!  The PureSwitch smart plug, made by PureGear, is a gem of a find and integrates with Apple Homekit to allow you to operate your appliances and doohickeys from wherever you are.  Let’s check it out.  The Device… Read More

Brilliant Controls replace your existing light switches to add smart home control capabilities to your rooms. The Brilliant Control features a color LCD touch screen that allows everyone in the house to access music, temperature, and more with just a simple touch or voice command. Don’t worry, no smartphone is required. The controls are touch, voice, and… Read More

Using your phone or tablet to control IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets is cool, but it can get annoying when you have to pull your phone out of your pocket, turn it on, navigate to a specific app and then tap an onscreen button to perform the desired task. If you want to save a… Read More

The Evo Motion sensor from Elgato is a wireless motion sensor with HomeKit technology for Apple devices. This sensor can detect a user’s presence or absence in a room to enable or disable power outlets, heating and air conditioning systems, lights and more without needing to open an app or voice commands with Siri or… Read More

I’m a huge fan of home automation. Several of the lights in my house are programmed to turn on when a person walks in the room, turn off when there is no longer motion, or turn off at a specific time. Although I love my setup, some of my lights can only be turned on… Read More

Stringify is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that makes your smart gadgets smarter by allowing users to create macros that they call “flows”. Flows are commands that are strung together that control and react to their existing gadgets. It’s like IFTTT, but more powerful and customizable because unlike IFTTT, Stringify can create multiple actions… Read More

Home automation is totally my jam and I really can’t seem to get enough of it.   The devices that I have so far are all compatible with the Amazon Echo and I thought this would be enough for me, however….this Koogeek Smartplug is the first device I’ve tried that is compatible with Apple Homekit… Read More

Have you seen the acronym IoT? It stands for Internet of Things and according to Google it means: a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. Someone at google needs to update their definitions because this isn’t something we’ll have in the future. It’s… Read More