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Sometimes you find a product that fulfills a simple need and does so very well. The Tsumbay Car Mount is one of those products. It has one mission: to mount your smartphone as a heads-up display, so that use your favorite navigation app in a way that promotes safer driving. It’s a simple gadget, but… Read More

When I find a gadget that can make my life easier in some way, that gadget tends to stay in my life.  And the gadgets that just look pretty usually don’t end up finding a place in my day-to-day routine.  So when I ran across the Logitech ZeroTouch car mount (air vent model), with its… Read More

If James Bond was looking for an iPhone mount appropriate for his vintage Aston Martin, he’d probably pick the Berrolia No. 2 iPhone Mount. It’s classy. It’s beautifully constructed. Is it right for you? Let’s grab a martini (preferably shaken, not stirred) and check it out! First Impressions When I received the Berrolia No. 2… Read More

The next time you’re packing your gear for a trip that involves a flight, you might want to consider a pair of AirClipZ. What are AirClipZ? They are a set of two plastic hooks that are made in the US and have been designed to hook to the top edge of the tray table on the… Read More

The ShowOff Super Mount is an easy to use magnetic mounting system that has been designed to work with your smartphone. It comes with a magnet pack with rare earth magnets, four sticky metal mounting pads and a Bluetooth remote that you can use as a hands-free shutter button to snap pictures or capture video. Stick… Read More

Just Mobile has released a few new products for shipment in December that look nicer than average gadget accessories.  The HeadStand Avant is a beautiful looking headphone hanger for your favorite cans. The AluCharge is a nice multi-port USB charger that is very slim and sleek, that can charge up to four USB devices at once. … Read More

A phone is a most useful thing in a car. It also can be a dangerous distraction. The balance between the two can be as simple as a secure and properly placed mount. The Square Jellyfish Jelly-Grip Car Vent mount provided that balance for me. It provides a secure, visible and easy place for my… Read More

Most phone or GPS mounts for your car tend to be your standard windshield mount type but sometimes you may not favor them on your windshield since it may get in the way of your view. The Vantrue M1 Car Mount Holder not only can be used on your windshield but can also be attached on… Read More

Meet Hangie, a 3D printed wall mount that’s great for displaying your DSLR and other cameras.  They have a Metals collection which is best suited for heavier cameras, and uses a #4 wood screw to mount any camera that has a tripod mount socket. For lighter cameras they offer a plastic collection.  This looks like… Read More

I have long been a fan of Kenu products because of their innovative designs, quality products, and great prices.  In fact, I often give the Kenu Airframe product as gifts to friends and family.  So when the $49.95 Kenu Airvue came out, I had great expectations.  It is Kenu’s solution to mounting your tablet (up… Read More

Do you keep your smartphone in your pocket or bag while you’re driving, or is it front an center on your dash? There are as many ways to mount a device in your vehicle as there are devices and vehicles. Today we’re going to check out a selection of car mounts from GekoGrip. What is… Read More

Having an easy way to mount your smartphone in your car is important if you want to use the phone for navigation or for in-car audio entertainment. There are all sorts of solutions on the market to mount phones to windshields, air vents, CD slots and more. When I’m shopping for a car mount, I… Read More

Logitech has unveiled the Logi ZeroTouch, a mount for cars that holds your phone and allows for gesture and voice commands. The ZeroTouch is an air vent or dashboard mounted magnetic holder for Android phones (sorry iPhone!) that works with a command app to provide hands-free control of your phone. Hands-free in that you don’t… Read More

If you’re still looking for gift ideas for Mother’s and Father’s Day, here’s another. It’s the new Car Kit Deluxe from Kenu. Kenu are the makers of the popular Airframe car mounts that we’ve reviewed here on The Gadgeteer. Their new Car Kit Deluxe includes an Airframe+, a DualTrip car charging adapter that has two… Read More

Most, if not all states, have laws specifying cell phones must be used hands-free while driving. Most people want to obey they law, but considering how integrated our phones have become in our daily commute, many people struggle with this law. Until car manufacturers begin making vehicles with built-in phone mounts, we are forced to… Read More

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