Device mount

For a while now, I’ve been looking at finding a good holder for my iPhone for when I am driving in the car. Mainly, I needed it for GPS, so I tried out one of those dash holders, which failed, and I promptly returned. My next option was trying a vent mount, and when the… Read More

For a gadget geek, I’m surprised to say I’ve never used a car mount for my phone. Eighteen years in two Miatas, there has always been enough of a shelf space around the gear shift to set it down on. And holding the phone always seemed a good enough solution. But as a new reviewer… Read More

Scosche (pronounced skosh) is starting out 2016 with a new addition to their award-winning family of magicMOUNT magnetic mounting systems. The new magicMOUNT PRO features two dash mounts versions and a vent mount version. All versions of the magicMOUNT PRO use neodymium magnets with 30% greater strength than previous versions to safely and securely hold… Read More

I recently upgraded my smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the sleek and tech-sexy Nexus 6p. In that transition, I lost the ability to wirelessly charge and have removed the somewhat bulky TYLT VÜ from my vehicles. The NKMOS Ultima S sticky pad does not work on the very slick back of the N6p either. So… Read More

I am big fan of the Kenu Airframe+ portable car mount.  I have used every Airframe that has come out and have given one to every member of my family.  I spend a great deal of time in my car each day, so making sure that my phone isn’t sliding around on the seat of… Read More

Last year I reviewed the Kenu Airframe+ cell phone car mount.  It made my list of my top gadgets for 2014.  It was the ultimate combination of portability, price, functionality, style, and performance for any car mount I have ever used.  So simple in design, and yet so awesome.  This year, Kenu came out with… Read More

Most of us use our smartphones in our car for navigation, music, podcasts, etc. Unless you’re an early adopter of Android Auto or CarPlay, chances are you need a safe and easy way to keep your phone accessible while driving. It’s not hard to find a smartphone mount for your car, they’re a dime a… Read More

As I’ve said time and time again, I’m in a car a lot. A good portion of the gadgets I buy are to make life easier on me while in my car. One of my constant sources of frustration is where to keep my phone while driving. When cell phones first came out, you could… Read More

  There are a variety of device mounting solutions for vehicles including dash mounts, cup holder mounts, vent mounts, windshield mounts and more. I’m really picky when it comes to which ones I want to use in my car, because I will not use adhesives, I don’t want to drill holes, I’m not a fan… Read More

We Gadgeteers carry our phones everywhere. Even using wearable tech, we still want a phone with us, especially when we’re driving. The GPS/Mapping apps and constant connectivity your phone gives you can be the difference between sitting at a confusing intersection, trying to unfold that stupid gas station map and breezing through, confident of your… Read More

The Caseco Core 360° is a car mount that will put your smartphone right where you need it without a lot of unsightly plastic holders, Velcro or unreliable suction cups. The mount is made of an anodized aluminum alloy and features a neodymium magnet that keeps a secure hold on your device. The mounting part… Read More

I’ve been searching for ways to attach my phone and tablet to the dash of my car.  Up until now, the options have been either destructive to the dash or I had to use a device that extended from the windshield.  Neither of these were satisfying, so the MagicMount from Scosche seemed to be a… Read More

With the Neutron S, you can hang your phone or tablet (under 1 pound) in your car, on your computer, on the wall, or even on the fridge.  The Neutron S is a small square of machined aerospace aluminum with a shielded permanent neodymium magnet which will never lose its hold.  You attach the Neutron S to… Read More

Ten One Design’s Mountie is a specially designed clamp that will let you attach an iPhone, iPad, other smartphones and tablets to a MacBook or iMac. The clamp works with any MacBook or iMac made after 2012 and iPhone 4 and newer, iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad minis, and other devices that have a… Read More

Well, without plugging a cable into the phone or case, anyway.  The juice pack car dock from mophie attaches to your car’s windshield or dash with suction cups, and you’ll plug its cable into your car’s power outlet.  When you mount your iPhone 5 or 5s (that’s cased in a mophie juice pack case) into… Read More