VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder for Car, Electric Auto Lock iPhone Mount review

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These days, our phones are an extension of our daily lives, and we take them with us everywhere we go. I am no exception, and when in my car, I usually lay mine on my center console/armrest and just have the charging cable draped wherever and plugged into my USB power jack. Whenever I need to glance at my phone, it has been an issue since I would either quickly glance down at my center console while driving, or grab the phone as soon as I am at a traffic light or stop sign. While many dash mount phone holders are available, my issue has been that I have always hated fiddling with the buttons that need to be depressed to remove the phone, or fiddling to depress the phone correctly in the holder to engage the manual mechanism to lock it in securely. The VAVA-Touch Phone holder aims to resolve these issues, so, let’s see how it did.
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What is it?

VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder for Car, Electric Auto Lock iPhone Mount, is a dash mountable cell phone holder that electronically manages to secure and release your phone.

What’s in the box

Pic 2
1 x Phone Holder
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Instruction Booklet

Design and features

This is a typical vehicle cell phone holder, with a suction cup at the bottom, that in this design is secured by pressing the base onto the dash and turning the gray colored part of the base clockwise to secure and counter-clockwise to release.
VAVA Phone Holder 3At the bottom part of the holder mechanism, there are two ports, one USB, and one micro USB. The micro USB port is used to power/charge the battery that is built into the holder, and the regular USB port can be used to power/charge your cell phone or any other USB accessory. The built-in battery means that once charged, the holder can operate and charge your device without being plugged into a power source.

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Just below the phone holder, there is the arm that holds the phone holder mechanism, that can be extended to move the phone and holder closer to you or further away from you.

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To the right and left of the ports, you will notice a “bulge” on the surface of each side. These “bulges”, are actually the touch-sensitive areas that disengage the arms of the holder to release the phone. When the phone is placed in the holder, the arms automatically and electronically close. This is accomplished by the pressure that is placed on the back of the holder when the phone is inserted.
Phone Holder 6The picture below shows the accessory charging cable plugged into the bottom of the holder. This cable can be used to charge any accessory that can be charged via USB, or to power any such device.

Pic 6
VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder mounts to the dash or windshield if so desired. The following picture shows the side view of the holder, mounted to my dash with both the power cable and my iPhone lightning cable attached. On the top of the arm behind the holder is the knob that secures or releases the extension arm.
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To the right of the top knob is another knob that releases and secures the arm so that you can raise or lower it to the desired position.
VAVA Phone Holder 4
This next picture is just a front facing view, with the cables attached. This is what you see from the Driver’s perspective before you attach the phone. Notice the gray pad at the surface of the back of the holder. That surface is the pressure pad that is engaged when you place your phone into the holder. The pressure on the pad activates the arms to securely close onto the sides of your phone

Phone Holder 3
Once the phone is seated in the holder, the securing arms automatically close. In the following picture, I have my iPhone in the holder, with the lightning cable attached to charge the phone.

Phone Holder 1

What I like

I like that the holder mounts in a very sturdy way to the dashboard, and when I tested it while driving on very rough NYC roads, the vibration was minimal. It is well built, and the electronic mechanism for opening and closing the securing arms works well.

What can be improved

What can be improved and what is my biggest disappointment with this holder, is that QI wireless charging is not built-in. The ability to place my phone in the holder, and have it charge wirelessly would make this a 5-star review.

Final thoughts

The VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder for Car, Electric Auto Lock iPhone Mount is a well-made mount, and it adds ease and convenience to secure your cell phone to the dash or windshield while maintaining it within proximity for easy viewing and access. The fact that it stays well secured to my dashboard and is not very affected by vibration makes it easy and practical for me to use. I currently have it installed in my car, and I use the charging port to power/charge my iPhone. I do believe that I will continue to use it at least until one with QI wireless charging is available. However, I am not convinced that the convenience of the powered security arms makes it a great value at its current price point when compared to other available holders that while not powered, are much cheaper.

Price: $29.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by VAVA.

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  2. Hi there Julian… Can I suggest you take a look at Xvida ( for magnetic charging mounts? I’ve yet to find any that are as well engineered as these. I’ve purchased 3 of their vent mounts- they’re that good. The system originally required you use their case (like Speck does), but they recently launched a ‘magnetic charging card’ you can insert in the back of any case to allow it to work with their charging ecosystem. Check them out. Any no, I have no financial incentive to connection to them, just like their products.

  3. With everyone and their brother buying cases for their phones and tablet, why in heck has no manufacturer come out with any type of holder which has deep enough arms and bottom rest to hold phones or tablets in cases???? Could any oversight be more stupid? What exactly do we have to do to get through to them??

    1. Hi CM,
      I must say that this one holds my thick iPhone 8 Plus case quite well, even when I am driving on rough surfaces.

  4. I agree that the lack of Qi charging capability is an issue. I would be all over this if it was Qi capable.

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