Sonos One Review

I’m an avid Alexa user. I use Alexa to control my lights, my Dyson, and even my air conditioner. I even miss her when I’m staying at a hotel. But until now I’ve been using the Amazon Echo Dots and Echo Taps to boss her around. I also have two Sonos PLAY:1 speakers at home… Read More

“Play mom’s playlist.” We suspected it was coming, and today Sonos confirmed that they are bringing Alexa into their eco-system. A software update is now available that allows Sonos owners to use Alexa to control their Sonos. The update is a beta that will be available for users in select countries, including the U.S.  The… Read More

“‘Echo Spot combines the popular small design of Echo Dot [it measures 4.1” x 3.8” x 3.6” or 104 mm x 97 mm x 81 mm], the display of Echo Show, and the features you love about Alexa into an all-new, stylish and compact device,’ said Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexa” (according to… Read More

I never get tired of trying out new smart-home devices. Whether they are security cameras, home automation devices, or smart assistants, I absolutely love playing with these new gadgets. Imagine the joy I experienced when I heard about Nucleus, a tablet sized Wi-Fi intercom that can function as all of the above. In the box… Read More

One of the most interesting announcements made today at Apple’s Annual WWDC was the release of the Apple HomePod, Apple’s entry into the home assistant arms race. A straight up challenger to the champ, Amazon Echo and the runner-up, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod takes Siri out of your iPhone and places her squarely, for better… Read More

The Vaux Speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot is a powerful, well-designed, and versatile accessory. For existing 2nd generation Echo Dot owners, this is a must-buy and an easy way to expand your Dot’s functionality. Made by Ninety7 Inc., the Vaux, pronounced “vox”, is the first battery-powered speaker designed to hold the Amazon Echo Dot. This… Read More

After a week of rumors and leaked images, Amazon today unveiled the Echo Show, the first Echo device with a screen. The Echo Show is the latest entry to the Echo line of devices following right on the heels of the Echo Look style assistant. The Echo Snow is a fully enabled Echo device that… Read More

GE and Amazon have developed the “C”, a lamp and clock that is Alexa enabled.  It has visual indicators for time on the ring where hands would go, a sleep enabled light with warm colors at night and cool colors in the morning, and tunable light controllable by voice commands for home and office environments… Read More

If you think that smartwatches only come from companies that have a fruit or a green robot as their logo, then let me introduce you to Martian smartwatches. While they may not be a true smartwatch with a color touch screen and the ability to run apps, Martian watches offer a basic set of functions and… Read More

When I find a gadget that can make my life easier in some way, that gadget tends to stay in my life.  And the gadgets that just look pretty usually don’t end up finding a place in my day-to-day routine.  So when I ran across the Logitech ZeroTouch car mount (air vent model), with its… Read More