Mute+ adds an extra level of privacy to your smart speaker

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Let’s face it, if you use a smart speaker in your home privacy has become a meaningful and valid concern. So, if you own an Amazon smart speaker and are a little paranoid about having the device listen to you 24/7 the Mute+ from Smartē might be the perfect answer to those concerns.

The Mute+ is a device that fits directly on top of your Echo, Echo Plus, or Echo Dot that provides an extra level of privacy. It uses noise-canceling technology similar to that used in headphones to keep Alexa from hearing everything you say. It’s kinda like a set of earplugs for Alexa.

NEWS – Mute+ is powered by 3x AAA batteries and is very easy to use. Just place it on top of your speaker and turn it on when you need a little privacy.

A press of the devices center button sets the six-lighted privacy timer in increments of 10 minutes, for up to an hour at a time.

When the device is turned off your smart speaker works like normal. There’s even a clear ring around the bottom of the Mute+ plus that allows you to see the speaker’s motion light.

The Smartē Mute+ comes in black or white and is available from for $24.99.

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