Bring the Star Wars saga home with the Otterbox Baby Yoda Echo Dot stand

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otterbox babyyodaechodotstand 1

NEWS – Unless you’re from a galaxy far far away, you are probably aware of the recent Baby Yoda craze. Merchandise featuring the cutest bounty in the galaxy seems to be popping up everywhere. But, just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the folks at OtterBox have come up with a stand that makes your drab looking 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot look like the adorable green Child from The Mandalorian.  And depending on your perspective, that is either totally ridiculous or totally adorable.

otterbox babyyodaechodotstand 2

The stand features a non-slip base that securely cradles your echo dot between a pair of green pointy ears. Essentially replacing Baby Yoda’s face with your Echo Dot. Functionality-wise… well, there is non. In other words, it won’t improve how your Echo Dot works, but it’s still kind of cute.

The $25 Otterbox Baby Yoda Echo Dot stand is available for pre-order now from Amazon. With a shipping date of August 20th. Buy or buy not, the choice yours is.

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