One of the most interesting announcements made today at Apple’s Annual WWDC was the release of the Apple HomePod, Apple’s entry into the home assistant arms race. A straight up challenger to the champ, Amazon Echo and the runner-up, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod takes Siri out of your iPhone and places her squarely, for better… Read More

When Apple released the AirPods and I saw them for the first time, I did a double-take because at first, I thought that they were just weirdly shaped earrings.  Now I see them everywhere.  And at a price of $159, I imagine that losing them would be top of mind for most AirPods owners.  So what… Read More

You really have to give Apple a lot of credit when it comes to putting on a new product announcement event. They are definitely the masters of hype and showmanship. Even though I say I don’t care about the iPhone anymore, I still get excited just like the rest of the planet to hear about… Read More

The past couple of years, I’ve noticed an Apple program called 12 Days of Gifts that gives away twelve things like free apps, books, or movies during the twelve days after Christmas Day.  I was always disappointed to see that this offer was not available in the US.  Apple has decided to include their US… Read More

Ryan Chapman and I are not only Gadgeteer colleagues but friends as well. We have been karate & tech buddies for years. We have been discussing Apple’s latest generation of iPads for weeks now. After much talk and a bit of debate, we both decided to take the plunge and purchase Apple’s latest tablet, the… Read More

I really tried to be excited about yesterday’s Apple iPhone 5C and 5S unveiling. As I watched the live stream, I kept telling myself maybe Apple will surprise me again. Maybe there will be “one more thing” to wow me. Maybe… But there wasn’t and it made me sad. Today I visited Apple’s site and… Read More

The ISnapX, combined with the free iSnapxRemote app, acts as a wireless shutter release for the cameras in your iOS devices.  You’ll be able to take group shots with you included, or you can get that perfect selfie from up to 10 feet away.  The ISnapX is $29.95 from Gadgets and Gear… Read More

Last July, Julie told us about a crowd-funding project for a charging cable that could be carried in a credit-card slot in your wallet.  That project was very successfully funded at more than 3 times the goal, and now the ChargeCard is ready for shipping to the general public.  BiteMyApple, a website that sells only… Read More

The iXY microphone from RØDE looks like no other add-on microphone for iPhone or iPad that I’ve seen.  It’s designed to connect directly into the charging port of the iOS device, but it unfortunately uses the 30-pin connector, so it’s limited to the iPhone 4/4S and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPads.  The iXY has “24-bit/96k… Read More

The countdown to the press event where Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone 5 had Apple fan(atic)s like myself waiting on pins and needles to find out what amazing, revolutionary and insanely great features we would be offered with the new model. I had waited months, saving my Verizon upgrade to use on… Read More

Harman Kardon has made some of the most visually compelling speakers anywhere. I have owned three SoundSticks speakers through the years and loved them. Nothing looks like them. Now Harman Kardon have entered our personal space with a line of headphones and earphones. The BT wireless over-ear headphones are Bluetooth-equipped with a built-in microphone and… Read More

Have you invested in expensive docking speakers for your iPhone or iPod, and now the talk of Apple changing their connectors has you concerned that your investment is down the drain?  If so, you might want to check into the Pear Bluetooth receiver that’s soliciting funding now on Kickstarter.  You’ll simply plug the Pear onto… Read More

The net has been buzzing about the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display since it was announced at WWDC earlier this week. Although it’s tempting to buy one, I’m sticking with my 13″ Macbook Air until Apple offers an Air with a Retina Display. For me the MBA is the perfect combination of size, weight… Read More

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who was disappointed a month ago when Apple failed to announce the iPhone 5 after many months of rumors and speculation. Instead, we were offered the iPhone 4S – an evolutionary instead of revolutionary update to the one year old iPhone 4. Even though I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade… Read More

The PlugBug Charger from TwelveSouth is a different kind of powered USB charger.  Pop the cover off the PlugBug, pop the power prongs off the Mac charger, and then plug them together.  US power prongs fold out of the PlugBug.  The other end of the PlugBug has a USB port that delivers 5V at 2.1A… Read More

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