About a year ago, we told you about the Scosche flipSYNC charging cables.  Now, Scosche has updated their compact cables and converted them to carabiner clips, so they’ll be even easier to keep on a keychain or clipped to your gear bag.  The clipSYNC gear features full-sized charging cables with a spring-loaded carabiner built in.  Each clipSYNC is less… Read More

RIP Steve Jobs – 1955-2011

The world will mourn the loss of a truly creative and visionary individual who has done so much to shape the world of gadgets as we know it. RIP Steve Jobs… Read More

Along with thousands (millions?) of other geeks, I have been pressing refresh on my browser for the past hour and a half trying to get the latest Apple news via the various live blogging sites which have been crashing with all the traffic. I’m not sure if I remember ever having this much trouble with… Read More

So, the Amazon “Kindle Fire” tablet is now reality and I believe it will be a big seller. At $199 it is within shouting distance of that “no brainer” gadget purchase price. Best of all, for us consumers, Amazon is forcing the rest of the tablet market to prove their value and “reason for being”… Read More

Well, it appears that someone in the tablet industry watched what happened last month with the HP TouchPad and may have taken notes. Engadget is reporting, and Fusion Garage has confirmed, that the Grid10’s previously announced prices of $499 for their 16-gigabyte WiFi model, and $599 for the 16-gigabyte 3G/WiFi models were reduced to $299… Read More

The forthcoming Amazon tablet is now officially leaked thanks to MG Siegler’s (TechCrunch) hand’s-on look at the device. It’s going to be a 7-inch color touch-screen with no physical buttons running Android…well, sort of. Amazon has elected to use a version of Android prior to 2.2 (Most new Android-based tablets are running 3.2 or the… Read More

I just popped open my Macbook Air to check email and RSS feeds and the first item that caught my eye was a shocker (at least to finally see it in text)… It’s been announced that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. After stock market trading ended this afternoon, Steve sent out a… Read More

You might have heard almost 2 years ago Nokia  sued Apple for Patent Infringement. Well, 20 months later they settle and Nokia agrees to license its patents to Apple. How much you ask? We may never know but we can be sure it was for a lot of money. According to some sources, the settlement… Read More

Apple held its 2011 WWDC today and debuted quite a few new products, including: OS X Lion, an update to the operating system aboard their iMac desktops and Macbook notebooks: iOS 5, the mobile operating system aboard their iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices; and the long-await iCloud online storage and sync system, which Steve… Read More

Apple is known for its Apple stores, both for the location and the architecture of the stores. In 2008, Apple opened the first store in Israel. Apple is considering a second store and the leading location is Jerusalem. The location is in the new entrance to the city (see picture), next to a first of… Read More

Mere minutes ago, Apple unveiled its iPad 2 and quite a bit more at a media event, throwing the daylight of reality on speculation about the rumored new device’s features.  Steve Jobs, Apple CEO who has taken a leave of absence from the day-to-day operations, even emcee’d the event.  More detailed info is available via… Read More


Today Apple updated the MacBook Pro family with next generation processors and graphics, a new FaceTime HD camera and high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology. The Thunderbolt I/O technology (previously known as LightPeak) is a revolutionary I/O technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices through a single, compact port. Featuring two bi-directional channels with transfer speeds up to an… Read More

Fans of the Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad now have a way to bring the two together while also offering a solution for hiding some of the miscellaneous items on your desk. It’s the Tree Designs iDesk, a cabinetry grade wooden tray that holds both peripherals side by side. Lift up either device and… Read More

Quite awhile ago Steve Jobs said that Apple wouldn’t offer a netbook, but today he announced 2 new MacBook Air laptops that sure do resemble one (especially the 11 inch version). Available today in 11 and 13 inch models with prices starting at $999, these updated MBAs are both thinner and lighter than their predecessor… Read More

Engadget’s been invited to an Apple Event on Oct 20th, at 10am PT. As you can see from the invite, there’s a Lion hiding behind that logo making folks think Apple will preview ‘Lion’: The next version of the Mac OS. Hopefully new Mac hardware will make the rounds too, like a redesigned Mac Pro… Read More