iPhone and iPod accessories

This bird feeder station from Kickstarter hides a camera inside so you can see and capture images and video of the birds that visit it.  The Bird Photo Booth is just an enclosure with macro and polarizing lenses included (others are planned for future release);  you have to put your iPhone, iPod touch, or GoPro… Read More

Who’s still got mixed party tapes that you made up in the 80’s and you haven’t gotten around to getting the digital equivalents (or can’t find digital equivalents :))? The Cassette to iPod Converter from Ion makes it easy to convert those old tapes, complete with pops, clicks and hiss. :)  Simply load the free app… Read More

The new ClickStik Bluetooth Remote and Camera Stand from Dexim combines an iOS app and a tripod stand for the iPhone 4/4S or iPod with a Bluetooth remote control.  The free app (which also works with the iPad) works with both the front and back cameras on your iOS device to zoom, edit, capture and… Read More

Who needs a fancy and expensive smartphone stand when you can have a Limb.al ? Another Kickstarter project that’s already been fully funded with over 20 days to go, the Limb.al  is a rigid yet flexible USB to Apple/Micro-SD cable that allows you to position your smartphone directly in your USB port while charging and syncing your device… Read More

If you like to use your iPhone or iPod (or other similarly sized phone or mp3 player) near water, Brando has a water resistant pouch and headphones you might like.  The pouch is thin and clear, comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, and allows you to use the touchscreen while in… Read More