Bluetooth trackers have evolved from the boring plastic one color plastic tiles from a few years ago, to superhero inspired Bluetooth finders and now we have these cool Star Wars inspired finders from ThinkGeek. These officially licensed Star Wars Bluetooth trackers are designed to attach to a keychain or object so you can keep track… Read More

In physics, the Greek letter “µ” (Mu) is used to mathematically represent the effective gravitational inertia of two objects as a single “reduced” object. I suspect the designers of the Mu locator tag were aware of this when naming their miniature loss prevention tag.  The Mu tag, like its larger cousins such as Tile, TrackR… Read More

XY Find It review

There seem to be dozens of finder/tracker devices available on the market now. Obviously, this is a common problem.  I wonder how many hours are spent searching for lost things?  If we could recover all, or even some of the hours spent by every man, woman, and child looking for lost keys, wallets, coats, dogs… Read More

TINE tags (pronounced as “tiny”) are peel and stick scannable smart stickers that let you add video, audio or a photo to an object. Examples of usage would be to put a sticker in a book that will play an audio file of you reading the book, or a sticker on a birthday card that… Read More