Never lose your glasses again with the Orbit tracker

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I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, and I can’t find them if I’ve forgotten where I left them.  I actually had to call my husband home from work one day to help me find them.  With the Orbit sensor and app, I could track them down all by myself.  The Orbit tracker for glasses is small enough to fit on the inside of one of the arms of your glasses, so it won’t be visible while you are wearing them.

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The tracker will fit a minimum 4mm arm width, and it’s not suitable for aviator-style glasses.  It adheres to your glasses with 3M double-sided adhesive, and it measures 1.25″ x 0.2″.   You won’t have to worry about sweat or rain, because it is waterproof.

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The USB-rechargeable battery lasts about a month between charges.  The Orbit app (iOS and Android) connects to the tracker via Bluetooth, with a range of up to 100 feet.  The tracker has a built-in 80dB speaker that sounds a tone when you are leaving your glasses behind, or the app can have it chime to help you locate them.  You can also see their last know location on a map in the app.

I found the Orbit Glasses Tracker at the Orbit website for $45.00.

8 thoughts on “Never lose your glasses again with the Orbit tracker”

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  2. 1. Buy a pair of readers that will help you see well enough to find your “real” glasses, so you don’t have to pull your husband away from his work.$20.

    2. Buy a pair of Thin Optics readers that you can slip in your purse and take along to read the menu at the restaurant the next time you eat out. $30.

    3. Keep your old glasses when you update your prescription, and have a backup pair of glasses so you can still see when you drop your current prescription glasses and break them. Priceless.

    1. Your first and second suggestions won’t work because I am nearsighted. I see great up close, but I’d need to have my face 2 inches from my glasses to find them. Readers only help farsighted people.

      The 3rd doesn’t apply to me, either, because I had the same pair of ultra-thin titanium frames for 15 years. I suppose I could have kept a pair of old lenses and held them up to my face to try to see…

        1. Yes, I understand that they wouldn’t work with the ultra-thin titanium frames that I lost when I had to call my husband when I lost them years ago. I now have plastic frames that have much thicker arms.

  3. How about add a eyeglasses strap that could be a bright or neon color. If that isn’t to your liking, then add one that is a neutral color with a keychain tracking device such as Tile or TrackR.

  4. Are you still using the tracker? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find current reviews.

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