The new Fire TV Remote Covers are all about Mando and Grogu…This is the way

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NEWS – If you’re a fan of the hit TV show The Mandalorian, and who isn’t at this point, you will soon have another way to express your fandom. Amazon has two new Mandalorian remote covers for the Fire TV featuring the cutest bounty in the galaxy

The covers are designed specifically for the Alexa Voice Remote Gen 2 with power and volume controls. So if you own anything other than a Fire TV Stick 4K or better, you are out of luck.

Each cover features a smooth silicone design to help prevent accidental drops. You will also have complete access to all of the remotes ports, buttons, and functions. And the smooth design maintains the shape and feel of the Fire TV remote.

There are two different vibrant colors to choose from, each making it easier to spot your remote. There are two design choices. Bounty blue features Mando along with the baby Yoda. Grogu green, of course, features The Child himself.


Both Mandalorian Remote Covers for the Fire TV can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $18.99. Shipping will start on April 28th. So if you want a fun way to add a little grip to your remote, then This is the way.

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