When you wish Alexa had a bit more guitar…

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NEWS – Quite a few companies have integrated the Alexa voice assistant into speakers since Amazon opened up the program, but this sure looks like the most metal version I’ve seen. The Uxbridge Voice is a compact Bluetooth speaker from Marshall with the Amazon Alexa assistant built-in. Marshall is arguably the most well-known performance audio company when it comes to guitar amplifiers and they’ve made awesome inroads the last few years with portable speakers and headphones.

Beyond the obvious guitar amp visual inspiration, Marshall has gone the extra distance to include rocker buttons on the top panel for adjusting volume and sound profile.

Marshall’s Voice App makes setup easy and allows for further customization and connection to other built-in Alexa devices.

The Uxbridge Voice retails for $199 and starts shipping on April 8th, so jump on over to the product page for all the details.

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