Protect your home from fire and carbon monoxide while listening to your favorite tunes

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NEWS – You probably have a smoke detector in your home, right? How about a carbon monoxide (CO) detector? Do you have an Amazon Echo in your home too? That’s three individual devices that all take up space and need to be plugged in or charged. The Onelink from First Alert combines a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a speaker with built-in Amazon Alexa all in one ceiling mounted hardwired module.

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First Alert, the leader in home safety, recently launched the first of its kind Onelink Safe & Sound that you can use to keep your home safe from fire and the deadly odorless, colorless CO gas while also using it to listen to your favorite music and control your home with Alexa.

When you’re at home or away, the Onelink Safe & Sound will send push notifications of smoke and CO emergencies right to your phone. You can read more about the Onelink Safe & Sound on First Alert’s site or you can buy one from Amazon where it’s priced at $199.99.

6 thoughts on “Protect your home from fire and carbon monoxide while listening to your favorite tunes”

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  2. Keep in mind that CO sensors degrade and only have a 5-7 year operating life.

    That doesn’t mean this is a bad choice but this has a very clear expiration date. Don’t cut any holes in your walls or ceiling that you may have trouble filling later.

        1. Hey Julie –
          I was just thinking that while this product may have a clear expiration date due to the CO2 sensor lifespan, it wouldn’t stop me from buying one for the additional Alexa capability. In fact, my husband and I are considering putting one of these in our basement where he works on building model airplanes and I do the laundry, which is also in proximity to the gas furnace.

          Given the rapid pace of technology today, I expect that the device will become Alexa-obsolete before the CO2 sensors expire. I expect either new wifi router bands, bluetooth standards, or changes to Alexa herself could render the device Alexa-unfriendly within that lifespan.

          Would that stop me from buying one. Nope. I’m a Gageteer!

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