Andobil MagSafe car vent mount review

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REVIEW – Once MagSafe came around, I embraced it fully, getting a MagSafe case and finally truly embracing the Wireless charging craze. One thing I had yet to upgrade, however, was the phone mount in my car, as I desired to, but just couldn’t find one that I felt comfortable spending my money on. The Andobil MagSafe car mount is a budget friendly, Magsafe phone mount for the car, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to upgrade.

What is it?

The Andobil MagSafe car mount is a vent mounting MagSafe car mount for any Magsafe compatible device that works with the phone and MagSafe compatible cases.

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What’s in the box?

  • Mount
  • Circular vent attachment
  • 3x metal circular plates
  • Match up card
  • Cleaning wipes

Design and features

While the Andobil car vent mount is simple and straightforward, it worked well. The magnetic part that attaches to the phone was powerful enough to hold my phone with a case with no issue. While a bit bulky looking, it also looked nice and clean when no phone was attached.

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The Andobil mount came with attachments for circular and straight style vents. Both work in the same way, just the circular one has a wider base for support. My vents are standard, so I went with the standard smaller base. I did not need to use the included metal ring as I already had a MagSafe case.

I wasn’t sure if I needed to place the base against the vent slits themselves or the side of the vent, so I went with the second option as I felt that was most secure and allowed me to keep the mount on a horizontal axis. Placing it on the vent only shifted the mount upward more due to the angle of the vent itself.

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To attach it to my vent, I inserted the hooked section into the vent and twisted the knob on the front until it was securely in place. Before it was fully secure, I turned it to the location and angle I wanted. Once I figured that position out, I untwisted the top of the mount and angled it to where my phone was viewable. I tightened it up and it was good to go.

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I drove around, hitting potholes (unintentionally) and bumps along the way, and I saw no excess shaking, jostling, or any hint of the Andobil car vent mount loosening up due to the weight of the phone and bumps in the road. Pulling off my phone also was easy and the mount stayed secure, likely due to the hook in the back holding it firm when pulling against it.

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Compared to my old mount, which is parked on my dash and extended as far as possible, the Andobil MagSafe car vent mount was able to be placed in a better location and was so much easier to use. Instead of inserting into a mount and tightening it, I just popped on and off the phone to the magnetic portion and it held firm.

My vent was also left mostly uncovered due to the extension of the mount from the vent, which for someone who enjoys a warm car, is good as I do not want my phone to have the heat blasting on it for hours.

What I like

  • Holds phone securely
  • Can set it to just the position you need
  • Decent price

What could be improved

  • A little bulky when no phone is mounted

Final thoughts

Overall, the Andobil MagSafe car mount was a solid, easy to use vent mount for my phone that I will continue to use day to day. It didn’t budge when pulling the phone off of the mount, nor did it drop my phone once while driving. I would recommend it for anyone trying to budget getting a mount for their phone in their car.

Price: $32.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Andobil.

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