Wifi is built into most laptops and tablets these days. Sometimes, however, you have a box you’re building or a desktop system that, for whatever reason, doesn’t have a decent Wifi adapter. Or, perhaps, it’s in a location that just doesn’t pick up your base station well enough for stable internet access. That’s when you… Read More

Back in July, I had the opportunity to review a first generation Automatic car adapter. The original version worked fine except that I had some Bluetooth audio issues with my phone (Nexus 6P). Today I will be telling you about the third gen version of this device – the Automatic Pro 3G car adapter. Let’s see if… Read More

We’ve covered several PhotoFast products over the years, but this is their first portable storage adapter that features 4 ways to connect. It has a USB Type-C connector, a USB 3.0 connector, a Lightning connector and a micro USB connector. What’s the iType-C 4-in-1 portable storage adapter used for? All kinds of things. Plug the… Read More

Back in April 2016, I reviewed the PhotoFast CR-8800 MicroSD card reader for the Apple Lightning connector. The software was a little buggy at the time but they have made a couple of revisions and now it is a very useful tool. Gigastone, the distributor of PhotoFast in the US and Canada, has recently announced the… Read More

The market for wi-fi enabled audio receivers to stream your music around your house is getting a little more crowded.  Of course, there are market-leading products (in my opinion) like the Sonos System and the Bose SoundTouch® System.  But those are pretty pricey, so there are some cheaper solutions like I the one I reviewed… Read More

In the last couple years, I’ve been switching my home’s standard and CFL light bulbs to LED bulbs to save energy and money. But as I’ve been doing that, I’ve seen lots of LED bulbs come on the market that can be controlled anywhere with a mobile app. I wish all my bulbs or even… Read More

When you want a truly fast network connection, nothing beats a wired connection. The only issue with that is, traditionally, you either have to cut into walls and woodwork, or you have to leave wiring exposed and lying about. There is a third way, however – Power-line Communication. “Power-line communication (PLC) is a communication protocol… Read More

iPhones are renowned for offering plentiful applications, ease of use, and quality hardware. But whether you are a supporter or detractor of all things Apple there’s one thing you have to admit: they charge way too much for memory. the 48 GB jump from 16 GB to 64 GB costs $100, or over $2 per GB; the next… Read More

The USB Type-C adapter may be brand new and hard to find right now, but in a very short time it will be the norm. Some people might think that this new cable type was invented by Apple because they are using it in their latest MacBook. But in reality, it is the new USB… Read More

Our smartphones and tablets continue to evolve with more memory, faster processors, larger displays, and better cameras, but have you ever considered the design of the audio jack? The 3.5mm jack that you plug your earbuds and headphones into hasn’t changed in decades. The old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is true… Read More

My overflowing drawer of semi-obsolete computer parts and cables contains a number of hard drives from old computers. I hold on to them partly to keep any personal data under my control, but also because “you never know” when I might need to recover that data, or maybe even find a way to repurpose an old hard… Read More

Adding more file storage to a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air usually means hanging an external hard drive off a USB port, plugging in a USB flash drive or inserting an SD card. All these ways will work just fine, but they aren’t the most elegant solutions. Dangling an external drive from your laptop when you’re… Read More

If you are a musician using amplified instruments, a DJ, or the tech guy who sets the equipment up, you’ll want to have the Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters kit in your gear.  The kit includes a variety of adapters – male audio plugs, female audio jacks, and couplers in 1/4″ and 1/8″ sizes, cables, XLR… Read More

Newer Technology’s Universal Drive Adapter bills itself as the Swiss Army Knife of drive connectivity. The USB 2.0 adapter supports: ATA/IDE/SATA/ATAPI Compatible with any 2.5″, 3.5″, 5.25″ IDE or SATA device Supports IDE & enhanced IDE 3.5″ internal IDE hard disk Supports ATA/ATAPI-66 specification 1.0 Supports SATA I and SATA II USB 2.0 up to… Read More

One of the fun perks of reviewing all kinds of gadgets is finding that diamond in the rough: a product that exceeds your idea of what it should do or how indispensable it becomes once you’ve had it for awhile. That’s where the CableJive dockStubz charging adapter comes in. Frankly, I was really getting tired… Read More