Wifi is built into most laptops and tablets these days. Sometimes, however, you have a box you’re building or a desktop system that, for whatever reason, doesn’t have a decent Wifi adapter. Or, perhaps, it’s in a location that just doesn’t pick up your base station well enough for stable internet access. That’s when you… Read More

Here at Bob’s house, we’re awash in technology. Between computers and gadgets, we probably have 15-20 different Wi-Fi enabled devices. But I’m not a gearhead. I don’t like spending hours tinkering with network settings to keep everything up and running. When our current Wi-Fi router started to drag, I was offered an opportunity to test… Read More

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that you’re doing so through a WiFi connection to a router. A router is a box with an antenna (or antennas) that connects to  broadband. Most people hide their router under a desk or in a closet because they aren’t exactly the type of device that… Read More

Back in 2015, I moved into my remodeled home and discovered various ethernet issues with the wiring in the house.  Thankfully, I had some help with the Fluke LinkSprinter 300 network tester.  But what if you need some help troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues?  With the Netscout Aircheck G2, now you’ve got some help. The hardware may look… Read More

Most WiFi routers are flat boxes with flashing lights that you setup, stash under your desk and mostly forget about except for grumbling about dead spots when you’re trying to surf from your back porch or your attic gadget cave. AmpliFi from Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. is a 802.11AC plug-and-play, multi-radio plug and play system that… Read More

When you want a truly fast network connection, nothing beats a wired connection. The only issue with that is, traditionally, you either have to cut into walls and woodwork, or you have to leave wiring exposed and lying about. There is a third way, however – Power-line Communication. “Power-line communication (PLC) is a communication protocol… Read More

If your Wi-Fi isn’t reaching the far dark corners of your abode, you know that needs to be fixed.  Most of us need internet access everywhere, all the time.  There are lots of Wi-Fi repeaters to choose from and more are coming to market almost daily. So far, there’s only one that brings actual light to… Read More

Home WiFi is changing.  Correction; home WiFi has changed.  We don’t have to put up with a black box or need expert knowledge to set up, configure and monitor a home wi-fi system. This new generation of 802.11ac WiFi routers has peeled back the green and red blinking lights and is giving us people-friendly interfaces along… Read More

I really don’t want to think about my WiFi router. Ever.  I just want it to work. Everywhere in my home.  The eero WiFi system promises just that.  System set up is done using your iOS or Android device and the downloadable eero app. The eero app will walk you through the set up process… Read More

I’ve not seen the need to get a security camera. I neither live in a huge, obviously-full-of-expensive-things home, nor in one of “those” areas where break-ins are common. But I do have this cute little dog, and when I’m gone, I often wonder just what he’s up to – when he’s not sleeping in his… Read More

Many people who are integrated into the Apple ecosystem – or BORG, as I like to call it – would never think about buying a router from anyone except Apple, no matter how good or cheap another brand may be. I know, because I paid $200 for an Apple Airport Extreme. I wondered if I… Read More

Tablets and smart phones are a great way to carry and share photos; they have replaced those little photo albums called “brag books” that people used to carry in their purses or gear bags.  Many of these mobile devices have cameras to take photos with, but let’s face it, the quality of those photos aren’t… Read More

The thing I most hear people say about the iPad mini is that they can just throw it in their pocket or bag and take it everywhere.  With a WiFi-only mini, you’ll probably find yourself somewhere where you’re limited by a weak WiFi signal.  If you had the LINKBOOK case for iPad mini from Absolute… Read More

The Apotop DW09 Wi-Reader is a palm-sized device that allows you to share videos, music, pictures, and documents with up to 3 iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices at the same time through a built-in SD card / USB Flash drive. It has a rechargeable battery so that it can be used to share files… Read More

Brando is now offering the Mustek S400W iScan Air Wireless Scanner, which will allow you to scan documents to your Mac and iPad/iPhone photo library via WiFi. My first scanner was a Mustek flatbed scanner, which was HUGE compared to this little sheet-fed desktop model. It offers 300 DPI, scan to JPEG format, and a real-time preview… Read More