Brando has USB Type-C adapters for all of your bleeding edge needs

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The USB Type-C adapter may be brand new and hard to find right now, but in a very short time it will be the norm. Some people might think that this new cable type was invented by Apple because they are using it in their latest MacBook. But in reality, it is the new USB standard and will offer significant advantages over the current Type-A connector that most of you have now. It’s a lot smaller, reversible, offers faster data speeds and more power. Although change can be hard for some set-in-their-ways geeks, USB Type-C is a change you’ll really want to embrace. Brando is going to help you get ready by offering all sorts of cables and adapters. There are USB Type-C hubs, card readers and a large assortment of adapters that will allow you to convert other cables like micro USB and Lightning to USB Type-C. Prices vary depending on the item, but you can visit Brando for more info.

2 thoughts on “Brando has USB Type-C adapters for all of your bleeding edge needs”

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  2. Yikes, I’m assuming these are first gen prototype parts. Those USB-C to PCB adapters should be in the $0.20 range. not $7.

    I’m going to assume they are early prototyping boards.

    1. In bulk, yes. As single items, the price isn’t as far off as that. (Single item price includes a lot more ‘handling’ fees because they’ll be harder to deal with.)

      Still, 50% of that price would be high.

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