Ever since the first days of the Palm Pilot PDA, I’ve wanted a small handheld device that would function as my phone, my camera, and my desktop computer. One device to rule them all! Companies like Motorola with their Atrix phone flirted with this concept six years ago, and I’ve even tried turning an Android… Read More

As a frequent business meeting presenter, I have a variety of device-to-display adapters in my travel bag.  And this collection continues to evolve over time when newer technology such as USB-C video output becomes more prevalent.  Keeping up with this trend, StarTech offers a line of USB-C video adapters and provided VGA and HDMI versions to… Read More

A while back I traded in my SUV for a more family friendly minivan that we can take road trips with. Since my children are still young, I had a drop down DVD player installed in the van. While researching DVD players, I attempted to find one that also had an HDMI input. My thinking… Read More

Imagine turning your 60-inch flat screen TV into a full-fledged Windows 10 computer that you can use to surf, watch movies, play games and more. Sure you can connect your laptop or desktop to your large screen TV, but that’s not a very elegant solution. The ARCHOS PC Stick is a computer not much bigger… Read More

I’m a captive of the cable company.  That is, because of my location I can’t get over the air channels and the local channels are not available on the Internet.  I have given in and subscribe to a package that includes one set-top box, which means only one TV can display the channels we subscribe… Read More

Belkin has launched its new Miracast Video Adapter designed to mirror your Android screen onto your HDTV wirelessly. The small adapter plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port and turns it into an external video display without connecting a physical cable from your device to the TV. Once connected, you can stream any content on your… Read More

I am what is considered a “cord cutter”.  I’ve decided to not to pay to watch traditional TV via a cable or satellite TV provider. Instead, I read and/or watch my news on my computer, phone or tablet via subscriptions to YouTube channels, Netflix, and various online services.  I  recently got to review a popular… Read More

If you have all your AV gear hidden away in another room or closet to keep your home theater looking neat and tidy, you know it’s pretty tough to control those devices with an IR remote control, because they require line of sight. The Vanco HDMI IR Control Kit looks like a pretty nifty solution… Read More

I have looked for a solution for a long time to connect my laptops to my various TVs.  I have avoided buying converter boxes because I simply didn’t want the hassle of buying yet another device to go in my entertainment center and then have to fish the cables out when I wanted to move… Read More

Using an SD-Card, FlashDrive, or even a multi-Terabyte USB HardDrive, the CiragoTV Mini lets you playback videos, pictures and music that you downloaded or created at your computer on your television in beautiful 720P or 1080i ( and 480i & 480p for any tube owners ). This isn’t a networked UPNP media playback system with… Read More

Have you ever wanted to connect your laptop to your TV, but wanted to keep the laptop next you on the couch instead of placing it across the room where the TV is located? I have a gadget that should solve that problem. It’s the new AT-HDAIR wireless USB to HDMI or VGA adapter from… Read More

The Cirago CMC1000 Multimedia Center is an enigma. I’ve never heard of the company, or the product. Google found a few online sites that carry it, so I can tell you the 500GB model I am reviewing sells for under $190 online, and its 1TB version goes for about $60 more. It sure seems like… Read More

I really hate it when I get a new gadget to review and find out too late that the necessary cables to hook it up haven’t been included in the package. There’s nothing worse than making a quick trip to Walmart, Best Buy, etc. only to have sticker shock when I see how much they… Read More

There’s been a lot of interest in Digital Media Adapters and several companies are promoting them; WD, Iomega, Seagate, IOgear and now a newcomer, Hi-Denvision. Today we’ll take a look at the HD-0310 and see how it stacks up. I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces with various media formats and there… Read More