If you thought HDMI cables were boring, you haven’t seen these cables from Vivify

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NEWS – Julie, why the heck are you taking the time to write a news post about an HDMI cable? Yeah, I know that when it comes to an HDMI cable, it is usually just a black cable that connects two devices. Yay… right? I thought so too until I saw the Arquus cables from Vivify. These HDMI 2.0 cables feature a fiber-optic edge that lights up in your choice of 6 colors or it can automatically cycle between the colors. How cool is that? A button on the end of one of the cables lets you choose between yellow, red, green, orange, cyan, or pink. The only downside to the Vivify Arquus w73 cable is the price. The 9ft version is $79.99 and a 15ft version is $129.99. Is it worth it? Hey, I won’t judge you if you want one. Head over to Amazon for all the details.

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