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When I played the piano growing up, I remembered the days when I needed an extra person to turn the pages in my sheet music so that I could play uninterrupted.  Nowadays, sheet music can be displayed on tablets giving rise to an accessory device that can signal a page turn using your feet.  The… Read More

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I have been building home theater PCs (“HTPCs”) for almost fifteen years.  My current HTPC configuration includes an Intel Celeron CPU capable of decoding various AV codecs, a high end Nvidia GPU card, a large capacity hard drive, and an M-Audio sound card capable of 7.1 surround sound.  The entirety of this system is housed in a… Read More

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In my business travels, I’ve been starting to see more standing desks appear in the offices of both large corporations and small startups.  As health related studies have recommended periodic standing breaks for workers that are desk-bound, the convenient benefits of a standing desk are obvious.  Here, we will be reviewing the SmartDesk 2 from… Read More

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As a frequent business meeting presenter, I have a variety of device-to-display adapters in my travel bag.  And this collection continues to evolve over time when newer technology such as USB-C video output becomes more prevalent.  Keeping up with this trend, StarTech offers a line of USB-C video adapters and provided VGA and HDMI versions to… Read More

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As an avid day tripper/hiker, I am constantly on the prowl for backpacks. Here is one backpack with an interesting backstory of Jake Starr, a firefighter.  Looking to supplement his income prior to the birth of his son, he taught himself to sew handmade goods hoping to sell his creations over the internet. At the… Read More

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For those of us who live in northern climates, typically our golf games are in hibernation during the winter months.  Indoor golf simulators are a potential solution to keeping our games sharp, but the cost and space requirements are significant barriers to home simulator ownership. The Ti.ttle X IoT Golf Simulator attempts to break these… Read More

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Even as a frequent business traveler, I have not mastered the art of sleeping on long flights.  I’ve used a variety of horseshoe shaped neck pillows, but have not found a satisfactory product.  These days, I reserve window seats and lean against the fuselage for some shuteye. The main issue I’ve had with current neck support… Read More

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