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Even as a frequent business traveler, I have not mastered the art of sleeping on long flights.  I’ve used a variety of horseshoe shaped neck pillows, but have not found a satisfactory product.  These days, I reserve window seats and lean against the fuselage for some shuteye.

The main issue I’ve had with current neck support products is that my head is still free to fall forward.  And when that happens, I can never get a restful amount of sleep.  After a long flight, the inventor of the SleepX Neckrest had felt the same way and went to the drawing board. 

As opposed to current neck pillows, the SleepX Neckrest is worn forward, under your chin.  Designed to not only stabilize your head, it replicates a 20-degree neck angle typically found from using a pillow in bed.  The underlying structure is surrounded by a foam outer layer intended to produce the right mix of support and comfort.

The SleepX Neckrest is produced in Germany and retails for 45.75 Euros (approximately $50 depending on exchange rate).  Further info can be found at SleepX.

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  2. I am a frequent flyer too, and I totally agree with you that the real effective rest in seated confinement is to prevent the head slumping. Your approach to solve the necesity is correct. Unfortunately the public is very attracted to softness of neck pillows, which are effective in bed only. Once the market is flooded with huge variety of them it is hard to educate the public that there is a better way to rest during those exhausting red eye flights. Also they do not like (and how wrong they are) something around the neck that resembles a neck brace. I developed during years of experimentation my own head support with a very careful refined design, efficiency and with minimum obtrusiveness. It is incredibly difficult to license the product. I wish to see your product from different angles and I will glad to give you my feedback, being quite advanced in this narrow segment of travel accessories. I wish you good luck.

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