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Our condo complex provides cable service as part of our monthly HOA fees, but that service is standard definition.  We rent a cable box directly from Time Warner so we can see high-def programming with our “free” cable, but we don’t have any premium channels.  I feel left out sometimes when people talk about all… Read More

I’m a captive of the cable company.  That is, because of my location I can’t get over the air channels and the local channels are not available on the Internet.  I have given in and subscribe to a package that includes one set-top box, which means only one TV can display the channels we subscribe… Read More

One ritual we have in our household is called ‘anime night’ every Wednesday. My husband has a collection of his favorite anime series that are in different formats, so we built a cheap media PC to watch them all. The problem is, it’s a full blown PC in the living room. When the VidOn Box… Read More

A few weeks ago, I told you about a portable, wireless TV speaker from Hammacher Schlemmer that lets you bring the sound closer to you without moving the TV.  I did a little more research, and I found that the speaker is made by Serene Innovations, which makes a lot of products for people with… Read More

When I lived in a standalone house, I could crank the TV volume loud enough to hear what was being said over the music and background noises.  Now that I live in a condo building, I have to worry about keeping my noise levels down, so I constantly find myself asking “what did he say?”… Read More

I’ve watched a lot of HGTV decorating and house-hunting shows, and it always seems the female in a couple wants to either have no TV in a room or to disguise it to such a degree as to render it almost useless.  I like my big-screen HDTV, thanks very much, but sometimes I do wish… Read More

This post brought to you by zeebox. All opinions are 100% mine. Watching TV with a friend is sometimes better than watching your favorite programs by yourself – so long as they don’t start talking over the dialog on the screen!   With the free zeebox tv companion app on your iOS , Android, or Blackberry… Read More

You don’t have a smart TV, but you have a lot of videos on your hard disk or videos online that you’d like to watch on a bigger screen.  If you plug a PLAiR dongle into an HDMI port on your TV, you’ll be able to beam content wirelessly to your TV.  You’ll need to… Read More

There’s a lot of web-based multimedia content that you can display on your TV, but different services usually require different set-top boxes.  While an individual box might be inexpensive, buying a collection of them gets really expensive.  With the VStream Wireless USB PC to TV system from DIAMOND Multimedia, you can stream a variety of… Read More

  I am an avid Home Theatre PC gadgeteer with an Apple TV, Roku, Mac Mini, and a few Blu-Ray Players around the house to stream content to whatever screen I happen to be in front of.  I have always wanted a Boxee Box, mainly because I run Boxee on my Mac Mini,  and would… Read More

When I was a kid, TVs were big boxes that sat on the floor.  The tops had plenty of room to decorate with lamps or whatnots.  Today’s flatscreen TVs have pictures that put the old TVs to shame, and they fit on a table smaller than those old TVs.  What they don’t have is room… Read More