As I’ve said in my reviews of Focal’s excellent headphones and earphones, French speaker maker Focal is primarily known for their expensive (but also excellent) speaker line. However the audio news coming out of Focal this week is not about their crazily expensive speakers, but a more reasonable line of home theater speakers. Focal’s new… Read More

I’ve been playing games for years, yet I’ve always used a pair of cheap Dell speakers for my PC. I never thought much of PC speakers for gaming, instead always using headsets, but when Creative offered their Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 gaming speakers to be reviewed, it piqued my curiosity, and I had to try them… Read More

Creative is known mainly for SoundBlaster sound cards and speakers. I’ve reviewed their wonderful Roar wireless speaker series. Creative’s newest speaker is the BlasterX Kratos S5 is a 2.1 gaming speaker system with Aurora Reactive lighting system. It comes with powerful 4” satellite drivers and a 6.5” subwoofer in wooden enclosures, delivering clear highs, detailed… Read More

It’s easy to make great speakers—at a cost. And it’s easy to make affordable speakers—at the expense of audio quality. Yet, Audioengine manages to achieve both of these objectives repeatedly. And they’ve done it again with the new HD3 Wireless Music System. “Classic speaker design with no plastic, full stereo sound, whole-house wireless and no… Read More

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Audioengine. Their products—from the small A2+ to the larger A5+ speakers— are solidly built, affordable without being cheap, and sound terrific. What’s not to like? When I reviewed the A5+ speakers, I talked about how massive they were in both weight and sound. I used to think… Read More

The Gadgeteer has reviewed a few speakers from Fluance and come away impressed. Fluance make everything from Bluetooth to home theater to home tower speakers. Fluance’s newest offering is also their new flagship model: The Signature Series. Fluance has taken engineering, craftsmanship and premium components from its other high performance speakers, such as their XL7F speakers… Read More

Audioengine has created some outstanding and affordable speakers along with other audio components over the last 10 years. Their A5+ is a killer speaker that sounds terrific and packs a powerful punch. It was their top-of-the-line speaker—until now. Just in time for the holidays, Audioengine has released the HD6 speaker—a new concept in both sound… Read More

If you’re tired of having to switch between headphones when you need to keep a quiet environment to speakers when a group will be listening, just buy a pair of Convertible Headphone Speakers.  They look like normal over-the-ear, wired headphones, and they have soft, memory foam-padded ear cups for comfort.  The over-the-ear design helps block… Read More

It appears that Samsung has come out swinging in the “Let’s beat Beats” game. Say what you will about Beats audio quality (I do), you cannot argue with their marketing genius. They hold about 60% of the headphone market – which makes them a prime target. Samsung has released two new headphones, an earphone and… Read More

A year ago, I reviewed the monstrous but wonderful Audioengine A5+ speakers. These behemoths will rattle not only your windows, but the neighbor’s as well — yet still sound good doing it. But let’s be real, unless you have a big desk (I do), the A5+ speakers are just too big and loud for most… Read More

Love music but just wish your phone’s speakers were a bit louder?  On the go and hate carrying around one of those brick sized portable speakers?  X-mini has the perfect solution for you!  The X-mini WE and ME speakers are a whole lot of loud in a tiny package. Both the WE and ME speakers are… Read More

I will admit upfront that this review is way overdue. The main reason is because the Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter is a product that is not easy to categorize. It performs some unique functions and duplicates some that are built into existing products. It’s taken me a while to sort it all out… Read More

Audioengine doesn’t know when to leave well-enough alone. Case-in-point: Their A2 speakers were just about the perfect size and rating for desktop use, and consumers obviously agreed because they have sold quite well. Even so, Audioengine figured they could do better, so they’ve introduced the new A2+ powered desktop speakers. These mini-powerhouses have been substantially… Read More

A couple months ago I posted a review of the Cambridge Audio Minx Go and concluded at that time that it was my current favorite small speaker. Then I was given the opportunity to try the Minx Go’s bigger brother, the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 Wireless Music System. At twice the size and four times the… Read More

We here at The Gadgeteer are fans of BRAVEN. Their cool speaker lineup only gets better each year. Accessory maker Incipio has wanted to get into the portable speaker market, and now they’ve gone from having no speakers to being a major player with the purchase of BRAVEN. “The BRAVEN team is thrilled to be… Read More