The Anything Speaker turns all kinds of things into a speaker

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anything speaker 01

NEWS – The Anything Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that uses bone-conduction technology to turn anything flat into a speaker using its suction cup or adhesive pads. You can amplify your phone’s sound up to three times just by attaching this device to just about anything you want to (mirrors, tiles, tables, windows, or “even a metal bowl”), and it “produces 360° omnidirectional sound”. It’s the perfect shower speaker to sing your favorite tunes!

It has a rechargeable battery that will play up to 60 minutes and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket to take with you on picnics, to the DMV (lol), etc. You can even connect two by turning them both on at the same time next to each other.

Where can you get this clever little speaker? You can get the Anything Speaker from the Grommet for $39.99 if you click on the “Upvote” button (clicking on the button will give you a discount code). It’s also available on Amazon. It comes with a USB-C charging cable, a lanyard, and a suction cup and stick pad replacements.

It looks like so much fun trying it out in various places! Check out the video:

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