Be more mindful of screentime with Opal

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NEWS – If you ever sit down to check Instagram and maybe play a game, and the next time you look up you realize it’s an hour later, there’s a new app that might help you.  Opal is helping people cut down on screen time and increase mindfulness by making users more aware of the time they are spending with their phone or tablet.  It also blocks distracting apps.

Opal works by helping you be aware of your screen time through a variety of techniques.  It helps identify distracting apps and creates a customized list of them which can then be blocked for periods of time or on a schedule (such as during the workday or overnight).  It allows you to use apps on timers and can trigger reminders that tell you how much time you’ve spent on a particular app.  Opal encourages you to set intentions so that perhaps you can identify patterns of behavior that motivate your use of distracting apps.

According to the Opal website, the average user saved an average of two hours of screen time per day and many have reported increased ability to focus and better sleep quality.  It should be noted that the estimate of screentime saved is computed by Opal and not the user, however.

Currently, Opal is only available for IOS.

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