Okaysou Airmax 10L Pro air purifier review

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REVIEW – Living in south Texas, we are really prone to some heavy allergens in the air.  This time of year the pollen king is cedar.  I am one of the unfortunate folks to be allergic to cedar.  That being said, I have several air filters in my home working hard in different rooms of my house.  I have reviewed the Okaysou Air Max 8L Air purifier and the Okaysou AirMic4S Air purifier.  So when Okaysou contacted the Gadgeteer and asked if I would like to review their new Air Max 10L Air Purifier I quickly agreed.  Let’s see how it performs!

What is it?

The AirMax 10L Air Purifier is exactly what it says.  It is an air purifier.  It comes with three separate filters and can filter air in a room up to 1000 square feet in one hour.

What’s in the box?

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The AirMax 10L came to me in a box packed in a cardboard box.  The picture above shows the main retail box for the purifier.

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The following items were in the box.

  • One AirMax 10L air purifier – the three filters were wrapped in plastic inside the machine.
  • One user manual
  • One warranty registration sheet – Five years!

Hardware specs

  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 7.3 x 19 inches
  • Eco Mode: when no pollution is detected, the air purifier will stop working automatically for saving energy consumption.
  • Auto Mode: purifies the air automatically at different fan speeds based on the air quality detected by the smart sensor.
  • Turbo Mode: designed for high pollution conditions; purifies the air at the fastest speed.
  • Air Quality Indicator: 3 color real-time feedback on air quality be the reference for choosing needed modes.
  • 3 Fan Speeds: 1/2/3 / turbo speeds are optional based on needs.
  • Timer: allows the machine to run 1/2/4/8 hours before automatically powering off.
  • Filter Indicator: informs of a filter replacement timely.
  • Child Lock: presses it for 3 seconds to avoid a wrong operation by children.
  • Decibel Level: 24db~51db.
  • Filter specifics
    • Washable Pre-filter: the Pre-filter can be washable. Separate the Pre-filter from H13 Dual Filter and wash away dirtiness by water to reduce the frequency of filter replacement and obtain a prolonged service life.
    • H13 High-Grade HEPA Filters: the first H13 HEPA Filter eliminates 99.9% airborne particles and cooperates with the additional Premium Filter to achieve 0.1 microns-removal and pursue 100% inhibition.
    • Advanced Blue Nano Ionic Silver Filter: decomposes pollutants as small as 0.1 microns with eternal durability and the highest osmosis-action.
    • Premium True HEPA Filter: Further enhance the purification efficiency of this air purifier. Eliminates 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.
    • Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter: cellular structure and activated carbon particles have a circular and precise absorption of terrible odors, harmful gases; simultaneously, the noise can be reduced to a certain extent.

Design and features

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The top of the purifier has all of the buttons used to operate the device.  Starting from the left, the first button is the timer button.  Pressing it once lets the purifier run for one hour, twice two hours, three times four hours, and four times eight hours.  When you turn the unit on, it will stay on until you turn it off or you set a timer.  The second button is a child lock.  Pressing and holding it for three seconds locks all of the buttons and prevents accidental operation.  Pressing and holding that same button again for three seconds will turn the child lock off.  In the middle is the main power button.  To the right of the power button is the filter reset button.  The LED in the middle of the button will light when it is time for a filter replacement.  To reset the filter button, you would press and hold the filter button for three seconds.

The last button on the right is the fan speed/mode button.  There are six options available on this button.  When you first turn the fan on, the Auto LED will be lit and the 1, 2, or 3 LED will be lit depending on the air quality.  Every time I have turned it on, it goes to speed 1.  Pressing the button one time causes it to go into ECO mode.  In ECO mode, if no pollution has been detected in 30 minutes the air purifier will stop running.  Turbo mode turns the fan speed on to its highest level.  You can then press the button again to permanently set the device at speed 1, 2, or 3.   I personally always leave it in auto mode.

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The picture above shows the grab handle at the back and top of the air purifier.  This makes it very easy to pick up the device and move it.

AirMax 10L 5 scaled e1611342438913

The picture above shows the right side of the device as you face it.  It looks exactly the same as the left side except that the right side also has the five hole air sensor.  The big gap running down the sides are the air intakes.  It can suck in a ton of air.  The air comes out the top of the backside where the blades are.

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The picture above is a closeup of the side ledges they give you in order to open up the front cover for access to the filters.  They are held on by clips at the top and bottom.

AirMax 10L 10 scaled e1611342504812

This is a picture of the bottom of the Okaysou Airmax 10L Pro air purifier with the front cover open.  You can see the two hooks on the front cover that go into the slots on the bottom of the purifier.  You simply hook those in and push the cover closed up top until it all locks into place.


AirMax 10L 6 scaled e1611342449569

The purifier came with three individually wrapped filters.  The plastic needed to be removed from them before inserting them back into the machine.

AirMax 10L 7 scaled e1611342463909

The picture above shows the backs of the three filters.   The first on the left is the H13 dual filter, the middle is the Advanced Blue Nano Ionic Silver Filter, and the third is the Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter.

AirMax 10L 8 scaled e1611342479884

Flipping them over to the front, there is a washable pre-filter in front of the H13 filter and the front of the Blue Nano Ionic Silver Filter. Notice the white tabs on the filters.  Those are the front of the filter and make it easy to pull them out of the machine when it comes time to replace them.

AirMax 10L 9 scaled e1611342489741

Here are all of the filters inserted into the machine.  You can see they fit very snuggly.  Without those pull tabs on the filters, it would be very difficult getting them out of the machine.


AirMax 10L 13 scaled e1611342537721

When I first turned on the purifier, the front light glowed blue to show my air quality was good.   I placed this filter in the kitchen area of my house.  We are currently in a rental and the kitchen/breakfast area is its own room with a door to the living area.

AirMax 10L 14 scaled e1611342548809

As the air quality drops, the color of the LED will change from blue to yellow and to red.   Here it is glowing yellow.  I did a quick test by spraying some hair spray near the device while it was in auto mode.  Within a few seconds, the fan kicked in at a higher speed and the LED turned to yellow.

My big test is what I like to call the ‘kettle corn from hell’ test.  I love kettle corn.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make kettle corn at home.  The best I can come up with is microwavable bags.  The problem with those bags is that you have about a 2-second window where all of the popcorn that will pop is done and it starts to burn.  It gets really stinky really fast.  So to test out the air purifier I proceeded to burn a bag of kettle corn in the microwave.   Normally when this happens, our house will stink like burnt popcorn for at least a day.  More so in the case of this house with its isolated kitchen.  The air filter in the family room works wonderfully but it has limited access to the air in the kitchen.  It took about a minute for the burnt smell to make it to the filter in the kitchen and the LED turned red and it kicked on the highest fan speed of three.   I let it run for about an hour while I left the house to take the dog for a walk and to clear my nose.  When we came back home I could just barely smell the burnt popcorn.  Actually, I was not sure I really smelt it or was imagining it.  It was so barely noticeable.  The purifier did a wonderful job of cleaning the air in the house.

What I like

  • The four stages of air filtration
  • Easy to change out filters or clean the pre-filter
  • Has an auto-detect mode.

What needs to be improved

  • I would not put this in my bedroom because of the big blue LED on the front of the device.  It would be nice if that display turned off after a few minutes.  Maybe having a button you could push to display air quality would be nice.
  • Replacement filters cost $50 and would need to be replaced about twice a year.  Kind of pricey

Final thoughts

I really love the Okaysou Airmax 10L Pro air purifier.  It works really well.  I have learned over time that the key to making sure they work well is to keep the filters clean and to buy good quality air filters.  If you have a large area that needs an air purifier I can highly recommend this one.

Price: $199.99 and replacement filters cost $50 for all three.
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Source: The sample of this product was provided by Okaysou.

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  2. Thank you for offering to answer questions.
    Regarding the ability to pull air in and push is out:
    I like this model because it is only 19″ high. My plan was to put it under a table and against the wall. There will be only a few inches of clearance space on the top. I’m wondering how much this would reduce the effectiveness of the purifier. Does the item need to totally uncovered on top? And what happens when you put it against a wall? I think that all purifiers are ugly and I don’t really want to see them. Can you put it in a corner or behind a piece of furniture without making it useless?
    Thank you for your time,

    1. This filter would work perfectly under a table and against a wall. I have ours against the wall. Since it pulls in air from the sides, putting the back of the filter against the wall will not impact its performance. The clean air ejects from the filter at the top of the back section, which is about four inches lower than the very top of the filter. So if your table has a couple of inches of clearance from the top of the filter, that gives it six inches of space to blow out clean air. I have mine in a room we use as a home gym, and it is doing a great job of keeping what could be a stinky room smelling great.

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