Gadgeteer team – gear we’re using in 2022 (Jacob Haas)

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team gear 2022

ARTICLE – Ever since March of 2020, I’ve essentially been working from home, so that leaves me requiring a manageable quantity of every-day carry items. On the rare occasions I have to go into the office, I take my 13″ MacBook Pro and a small leather bag with me. Most days, this is my minimum carry.

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Usually I keep everything except my watch and phone in the same pocket, front left.

  1. Baronfig Squire rollerball pen – easily slips into a pocket, this perfectly balanced pen is wonderful to write with, and better than using the public pen at a pick-up window. ($59,
  2. iPhone 12 Pro – currently rocking zero case to let that beautiful engineering shine through. ($730 unlocked,
  3. Olight Beagle folding knife – I reviewed this in 2021 and it’s still one of my favorite knives. I carry it almost everywhere.
  4. AirPods Pro – I bought these at launch and they’ve been amazing. Active noise cancellation, spatial audio, wireless charging, and extremely pocketable. ($197,
  5. RovyVon Aurora A5x Flashlight – because sometimes you need a better light than a phone flash. This little guy has 650 lumens of power, a rechargeable battery, is tiny, and the entire body glows in the dark. ($37.95,
  6. Small d20 dice – I love tabletop gaming and this is just a little die to fidget with in my pocket. Sometimes I’ll even give it a roll to act as a tie-breaker in decisions. Pizza or tacos, can’t decide? Let’s roll for food initiative! ($15,
  7. Lip balm – usually Burt’s Bees or something similar, don’t skimp on your skin care, people. ($9.57 per 4-pack,
  8. Supr Good Co. Slim 1 Elastic Wallet – I switch up my wallets quite often, but currently am carrying this little elastic 1-slot wallet. There’s an extra $20 bill folded up in there as well, just in case. ($19,
  9. Hamilton Khaki Mechanical Field Watch – I almost always wear a watch and just happened to be wearing this one today. The Hamilton Khaki is a recent addition to my collection and you can’t get much more EDC than this. Leaning on its classic military heritage, this hand-wound watch features an 80-hour reserve, bright lume, easy to read dial, and 5 bar water resistance. I opted for the stainless steel bracelet since I have quite a few bands that fit the 20mm lugs, and I really liked the look of the bracelet. ($416 with leather NATO strap,

jacob haas edc 2022 02 car

When I do venture out, I have an extra couple things to throw in my pockets.

  • My keys, with a Thread Wallets wrist lanyard ($11, Amazon) and Apple AirTag with custom printed initials ($29, Amazon)
  • And a face mask that I got for signing up for the 2021 Adobe MAX virtual event

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