If you are a serious console gamer you have probably heard of Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach has been one of best-known gaming headset makers around. If you’re not a gamer you may not understand the importance of having a good headset, especially when playing PVP (Player VS Player) type games. I will admit that I… Read More

I’ve been lucky enough to review several gaming items recently, but one thing I have never upgraded since I purchased them years ago is my gaming headphones. Turtle Beach must have heard this, and quickly offered their Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset and Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller. I was eager to try out what… Read More

I was researching at the Polk website for a review I am working on and I found out that besides speakers and regular headphones, Polk makes gaming headsets. Since I have recently joined the Xbox One crowd, the Polk Striker Pro Zx caught my eye. Compatible with the Xbox One, PlayStation4, Wii U, PC, Mac… Read More

A while back, I reviewed Aiaiai’s TMA-1 headphones, which I quite liked because they sounded really good, were very comfortable and were built to take abuse. After all, they were designed to be DJ headphones. But at $200, they were not cheap. Then came the $80 Tracks portable headphones. These were even more comfortable, but didn’t… Read More

For years I have been a Bluetooth headset evangelist.  I have reviewed many Bluetooth headsets for The Gadgeteer (see related links for some of my reviews).  I have long since gotten over any self-conscious feelings about looking like an employee in the McDonald’s drive-thru, and I have embraced my inner, and outer, geekness.  Then along… Read More

Can’t find a headset/mic combination you like?  Do you have a favorite pair of headphones but no mic?  Wouldn’t it be great to just add a microphone to your own headphones anytime you like?  You may remember my own attempts at using a hot glue gun to attach a microphone to my own comfy headphones…… Read More

I recently reviewed the Jabra Wave Bluetooth headset, which I totally love.  But before that, Jabra had sent me the Jabra Extreme by accident.  The Jabra Extreme has great features and works just as well as the Jabra Wave.  Let’s give it a look, too. Inside the package, you’ll find the Extreme headset, 2 Ultimate-fit… Read More

Whenever I am reviewing headsets, I am always looking for thought in the design as well as function and comfort. PureGear’s PureBeats certainly has a fresh look.  But do they deliver quality sound or are they just another cheap in-ear headset that is over priced? What is most notable is the cable. You won’t find… Read More

Clean, neat, and functional. What more would you want in a Bluetooth earpiece?

I’ve tried Bluetooth headsets before. Some I’ve liked, and some I’ve lost. Often, the same one met both fates. I quit buying them because they are usually fairly expensive to replace. Enter the EcoSound Bluetooth Headset from WirelessGround which is selling this headset for less than $10. This is insane for a Bluetooth headset! Must… Read More

Jawbone has just launched the first Bluetooth headset with a built in accelerometer that enables the wearer to shake the headset to initiate pairing with a mobile phone, and tap tap the headset to answer or end a call. In addition to the new motion sensing technology, the Jawbone ERA also has a 25% larger… Read More

I’m one of those people who have ears that just don’t work with the Apple earbud headsets. I really prefer the in-ear style, which is why I was eager to review the MEElectronics M9Ps. They’re priced just above the bulk earbud prices, have an interesting style, and looked like they’d be a good solution for… Read More

If you much prefer the over-the-head type of headset, skip this review.  I’m one of those people.  I wear glasses and I never found the behind-the-ear style compelling enough to try.  But try I did. The Logitech H760 wireless USB headset is another stereo headset and mic combo that works wirelessly with your Mac or… Read More

The new M100 Bluetooth headset from Plantronics features dual micrphones for better wind noise reduction, auto volume adjustment and several color choices, in an ultra slim design. It also has an actual sliding on/off button so you will easily know if the headset is powered up and ready for use. It’s available now for $79.99  Plantronics Announces the New M100… Read More

There comes a point in the life of any given technology where it has matured enough that the quality of the basic features starts to plateau, and new entries into the market necessarily rely on style or unique features.  Bluetooth headsets have started to reach this plateau, with each being able to provide — at… Read More

The new Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset performs like most headsets except for one unique feature – it can be controlled by an iPhone app. When using the Sound ID 510, an iPhone and the free EarPrint App, you can do sound preference tuning while on a call by moving your finger over the face… Read More

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