When it comes to headsets, I’m really picky.  In 2004 when I started playing on-line co-op games with my younger brothers in-law, I shopped around for various stereo headsets with microphones for gaming.  They were all either too uncomfortable, or had poor outgoing audio.  Eventually, I took drastic measures and made my own, and I’ve… Read More

Since Bluetooth was developed way back in 1994, its specifications have changed dramatically, and so have the devices that utilize it. However, in my opinion, the vast majority of people who use mobile phones still prefer not to use Bluetooth headsets, even though their ease is quite straight forward.  People that I’ve spoken too in the past have always… Read More

The Plantronics Explorer 395 is the company’s newest reasonably priced bluetooth headset.  Now before I go any further, to put this review into full perspective, I’m also the Moderator at HowardForums for all things Bluetooth.  I sadly own more headsets that I have holes in my head, and every new headset that comes out gets… Read More

Including their signature high-quality audio and is designed for the new or casual BT headset user, the new Plantronics Explorer 395 universally compatible Bluetooth headset is attractively styled and easy to use with separate buttons for volume, power on/off, and call answer/end. It’s reasonably priced at $49.95… Read More

The BlueKlip is a simple accessory that sticks on your car’s dash, your mobile phone’s case or any other handy location. Its purpose is to hold your Bluetooth headset when you’re not using it. The$6.99 price seems pretty reasonable considering you get 2… Read More

The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC raises the bar for Bluetooth headsets and is well-deserved for all the accolades that it has received.  If you have been a Bluetooth headset user from the dawn of Bluetooth as I have, you’ll quickly realize that with the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC, this ain’t your daddy’s Bluetooth! I am… Read More

I reviewed the Plantronics Discovery 925 last year and loved its stylish look, great fit, and superior performance. I have been using it regularly ever since. So, the day Plantronics released the, as some say, even more fashionable Discovery 975, I emailed Julie asking if I could review their latest bluetooth headset. The Discovery 975… Read More

Remember the MoGo Mouse from Newton Peripherals? It was a Bluetooth mouse that could fit entirely into a PC Card slot. Now the same company has just announced the release of a series of Bluetooth headsets that are stored and recharged within plastic cases for cellular handsets. They remind me of the LG Decoy phone… Read More

Like many people, I own quite a few headphones.  These days all handheld devices we purchase come with a free corded headphone which most of the time are of crappy sound quality.   But what if I want great quality sound but without the mess of a snaking cable dangling down to my Bluetooth enabled media… Read More

For a long time, I flatly refused to own a Bluetooth headset. They were expensive, the sound quality was mediocre, and the available designs were unattractive, ranging from “wannabe telemarketer” to “hey, I’ve got a Happy Meal toy stuck in my ear!” But for every product category, a standout product always emerges and becomes the… Read More

We reviewed the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset back in July. Now Plantronics has just announced a new model called the PRO UC. This headset that works seamlessly with both mobile phones and unified communication applications/softphones like Google Talk and Skype. It comes with a USB dongle to use with your PC and works like… Read More

I know what a lot of you are thinking… “oh great, another Bluetooth ear piece. And I have to be honest, I thought the same thing when I saw this. Boy was I wrong! First of all, it is an actual Research In Motion Blackberry branded device, not some third party off brand. RIM is… Read More

The iTech Dynamic SolarVoice 908 Bluetooth headset has all the typical features one would expect from a headset. It has A2DP, multipoint, and noise reduction features. But, it has one feature that no other headsets have (yet)… It has a built in solar panel that will allow you to recharge its batteries via sunlight. Pretty… Read More

The Celltronix VR1 looks like an ordinary headset, but it is the first Bluetooth headset that can record up to 8 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls. You can also use it to record voice memos. I’m not convinced that this product really solves a problem, but I suppose the voice memo feature could be… Read More

The new Sound ID 400 Bluetooth Headset offers some features that no other headset current offers: PersonalSound – offers users 3 listening modes, tuned to the most common hearing preferences, to choose from in order to further enhance speech clarity without raising the volume. Environmental Mode – enables users to hear equally out of both… Read More