DROP + EPOS PC38X gaming headset review

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dropepos PC38X headset11

REVIEW – Sennheiser headphones are my go-to brand for home use. This time, I take a look at the PC38X, by EPOS- the new name for Sennheiser’s Gaming brand. How different will this headset be from the Sennheisers I’m familiar with? Let’s find out.

What is it?

dropepos PC38X headset01

The DROP + EPOS PC38X is an upgraded version of the PC37X featuring the same drivers found in Sennheiser’s GPS 500 and 600 headsets and comes with a noise-canceling microphone on a boom that doubles as a mute switch.

What’s in the box?

dropepos PC38X headset02dropepos PC38X headset03

  • DROP + EPOS PC38X gaming headset
  • 2.5 m PC cable, 2 x 3.5 mm split TRS connector
  • 1.5 m console cable,  1 x 3.5 mm TRRS connector
  • Second set of pads (velour)
  • Drawstring bag

Hardware specs


  • Form factor: Over ear
  • Transducer principle: Dynamic, open
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 30000Hz
  • Impedance: 28 Ω
  • Sound pressure level: 109 dB
  • Weight: 8.9 oz (253 g)
  • Weight (with cable): 10.2 oz (290.5 g)


  • Microphone frequency response: 50–16,000 Hz
  • Pick-up pattern: Noise-cancelling
  • Sensitivity: -38 dBV/PA
  • Microphone technology: Electret condenser
  • Microphone pickup pattern: Bi-directional

Design and features

The first thing I noticed about the DROP + EPOS PC38X gaming headset was the second set of ear pads. They’re a velvety velour vs. the smoother fabric on the pads already attached to the headset. The ear opening measures about 68mm x 33mm.
dropepos PC38X headset04

The top of the inside headband is padded with the same kind of material found on the non-velour earpads.
dropepos PC38X headset05

The microphone is on the end of a flexible boom arm. To mute, simply swing the boom up. The boom has a satisfying “click” when the mic is muted.
dropepos PC38X headset07The microphone has a nice looking gold colored mesh.dropepos PC38X headset09

There is a volume knob on the right ear of the DROP + EPOS PC38X gaming headset. Keep in mind that this does not modify your device volume.dropepos PC38X headset08


The headset cable goes into this deeply recessed jack on the left ear cup.dropepos PC38X headset06

The microphone boom arm is very flexible. Not only can you rotate it up or down, but it bends in or out as well.

dropepos PC38X headset10


The DROP + EPOS PC38X gaming headset are open-back headphones, meaning you can still get a sense of your ambient surroundings. I prefer this. The downside is your neighbor may hear some sound leakage from your headset at higher volumes. The PC38X did not disappoint; music sounded just fine.

But how does the microphone sound? A microphone next to your mouth will almost always sound better than the built in microphone on your laptop’s webcam. Here’s a recording of my laptop’s microphone in my bedroom office.

And now here’s a recording in the same room, but with the PC38X microphone. Room echoes are less obvious since the microphone is closer to my mouth.

What I like

  • Sennheiser sound quality
  • Two sets of ear pads
  • Microphone mutes with a satisfy “click” when you swing the boom up
  • Black and yellow/gold color scheme isn’t too flashy

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

If you’re used to loud and flashy gaming headsets with bright colors and LED lights, skip the DROP + EPOS PC38X. I prefer open-back headphones with a solid build quality and a tame appearance.

Price: $139
Where to buy: Drop
Source: The sample of this product was provided by DROP.

6 thoughts on “DROP + EPOS PC38X gaming headset review”

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  2. The thing missing from most if not all headset reviews is the dimensions of the headset. About half of all headsets I try on are too small in that they doe not fully cover my ears. And no my ears are not too low nor is my head too high.
    Is it poss to include the dimensions in future reviews?

        1. I measured on my dummy head. 10 to 13 inches around the top of the head to the top of your ears (open part of ear pads).

  3. I do want to know how does the sound quality feel to you? is it really good or do you like and hate some things, from all headphones you’ve tried can you give a scale of 1/10 on the audio quality? thank you!

    1. If there’s one thing I wish for is the ability to remove the mic but that’s not a big deal because I already own “normal” Sennheiser headsets. If I need a gaming headset with the same Sennheiser “sound” I’m used to for music, this is it. Nothing is a 10/10 for sound quality but I’d rate all my Sennheiser open back headphones at at least 8/10. I can’t tell the difference between 8-9/10. Be warned that if you’re not used to open-back headsets, this may be a different experience, good or bad. I’m very happy with the sound quality. No complaints.

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