This strange looking contraption is a kinetic resistance exercise device. It’s called the Four Minute Core Trainer and it has been designed to work 46 core muscles and eight arm muscles in just four minutes. There is a resistance cartridge in the upper and lower section of the device that provides 60 and 70 pounds… Read More

If you’re an athlete or you work out on a regular basis, you know what it’s like to have sore muscles. Even I get achy muscles with my lame attempts to keep in shape. Finding a way to soothe your aches and pains is important if you want to be ready to tackle the next… Read More

Are you steady on your feet or does your balance need some improvement? Would you like to add an extra element to your workout to increase your core strength without purchasing a large piece of exercise equipment? The Pono Ola Balance Board might be what you need. Let’s take a look. What is it? The Pono… Read More

Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” This is especially true in strength training. As we exercise against a resistance, muscle tissue is damaged; when the muscle tissue is repaired it becomes thicker at a cellular level. Muscle damage also causes muscle cell generation, which adds new muscle tissue and strength. These… Read More

I know that I have bad posture. I slouch all day in front of a computer when I’m at work and do the same thing when I get home. Sometimes I catch my profile when I’m reviewing my security camera footage and see myself walk by the window with my head forward and rounded shoulders… Read More

Some fitness experts have pointed out you really don’t need super fancy equipment to get into shape. Agreed. But what they don’t say is how they’re juggling their wallet, phone, water bottle and keys when they’re working out. Enter the GoRoll, a foam roller with built-in storage space and a carry strap. Foam rollers help… Read More

I don’t always have time to hit the gym so the next best thing I can do is workout from home. Since working out at home can become stale and boring, it’s nice to have a little variety to activate the muscle confusion factor so I jumped at the chance to review the Iron Chest Master. Let’s… Read More

Exercise is a difficult thing to work into your life sometimes. Gym closings over weekends or holidays, changes in work schedules, and travel for work or pleasure can cause you to miss your workouts. Traveling with equipment more bulky than a few resistance bands and running shoes becomes quite bothersome as well. Enter the Koreball. This… Read More

If your cat doesn’t do much more than lay around the house and sleep or eat, she could probably benefit from some exercise.  My cat, Rio, used to get her exercise at 3:00am, dashing around the house like a crazy thing, determined to wake up everybody in the apartment building I lived in at the… Read More

Most people want their smartphones to be light weight and sexy, so they buy barely there cases that won’t cover up their phone’s slim lines. Those thin cases may look great, but they are doing nothing for your not so thin physique. Imagine if there was a way to use your phone in a normal… Read More

If you are into fitness, you’ve no doubt heard of kettlebells, the cast iron cannonball sized weights with a single looped handle on top. This traditional Russian piece of exercise equipment has been around since the 1700’s and provides a wider range of motion than dumbbells. Standard kettlebells will get the job done, but kettlebells… Read More

The Tao Wellshell is an exercise device that is small enough to hold in your hand. It has a built-in pressure sensor that allow you to do isometrics exercises  at your desk, on the airplane, while watching TV, or anytime you like. Isometrics help tone muscles with resistance without lifting weights. You use your own strength… Read More

Getting and staying fit can be a chore. Fitbit wants to make it fun by adding two new health trackers: the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker and the Fitbit One Activity + Sleep Tracker. These new trackers feature Bluetooth 4.0, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data with your computer and / or iOS and… Read More

To promote physical fitness and as another tool to help fight childhood obesity, GeoPalz is pairing their kid styled pedometers with an online rewards based gaming website. Through the online arcade, users (5-10yrs old) can report their steps walked, which are logged through their pedometers and exchange steps for time with games such as Avalanche, Snow-Drift… Read More

We all know that we should exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy, but doing so can be a real chore. Using gadgets to keep us excited about our workouts is just one way to stay inspired to keep up good habits. One such gadget that can help you keep track of your fitness activities… Read More